show #2: the legacy of osprey therian

show #2
show #2

alrighty, we made it to show number 2 and we are not off the air quite yet, we are in fact expanding our empire to stitcher, arguably the best radio-podcast-on-demand app out there, sandwiched between award-winning public radio programs & home-made podcast fare, varying widely in quality…awesome: just where we belong!

now onward: today’s show is dedicated to artist and prominent second life resident osprey therian, who passed away december 9th 2013.she had a big impact on many sl’ers as well as linden lab employees – we will hear how she shaped the experience of quite a few folks in those very early days of our world.

we will also touch upon the sensitive issue of what to do with your avatar when your physical self leaves this earth.

here is the streaming audio of the show [or download here]:

enjoy, subscribe & spread the word!

here are the relevant links for further discussion:

– the red zone controversy continues: masami’s comment on our interview with ash, original alphaville herald coverage of the issue and ash’s response to the forum debate on his own blog

– former linden employee andrea recounts suspicious meeting [and some more info on how otr messaging works]

shock doctrine, nsa and such: more disturbing news from nytimes about offline snooping

– bad journalism exists? oh yeah… =  great fun story from onthemedia [wnyc]

net neutrality!

high fidelity wants YOU & philip at AWE 13 with some improvised keynoting

– former linden judy tyrer makes “everjane, a new mmo/vw about jane austen

– manipulating prims with your own hands? yes: with oculus + softkinetic

– europeana discovers [after we done it for 10 years] that you can visit a museum in vr [and natascha’s take on the sadly gone dresden gallery of old masters + a wired article about dresden back in the day]

– osprey: her profile feed, backstory on magellan, the show must go on, the forest of kahruvel where osprey dissapearedjim pubrick’s blog post & how to do estate planning for your avatar: how to include second life assets in your will

Osprey's second to last tweet
Osprey’s second to last tweet

– jo recommends vintage village [slurl]– you really have to go there!

– oldtimer talk with madamethespian underhill

SL swag for original charter members
SL swag for original charter members


the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

the show is supported by beth ghostravenragmediafrans charmingjoyce bettencourthumanoid animationsalfonso perferle,linsey carterkokoiamadpea prodcutions and joe nickence.

music by junivers stockholm, theme music by bd. special thanks to strawberry singh for providing the station ID this week.

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  1. I’m so glad that all this time I was the one actually pronouncing her name properly! 😛 Still listening but great show so far guys! ❤

  2. Wow, very interesting indeed.

    #1 and #2 so far I have really enjoyed and can’t wait for the next show. Great job!

  3. Kris Spade says:

    Nice job. These have been a great way to end the week!

    1. draxfiles says:

      one of these days Kris: want your oldbie perspective too!

  4. isfullofcrap says:

    Interesting and informative, Osprey was good folks, but please lay off “the Mormons and other strange religions.” They may think you’re strange, too.


  5. So honored to be a part of the wonderful show this week dedicated to the memory of osprey therian! I also loved all the discussion about how we start to “know” one another in virtual interfaces over time — especially the comment that it’s like having a pen pal with someone over the years that you don’t see in real life but getting to know them anyway. Ü I want to clarify something I said that may have been edited out of context — honest mistake Drax — in case any old Alpha World listeners pick up on it: It took us “a day to build a couch” in Alpha World (Active Worlds) only if we were running our own splinter servers — like my husband and I did for awhile — where we could actually custom build our own objects by code and upload them to our own world servers. (This would be different than having to use the non-customizable *seed objects* in the main world.) Before uploading your custom object, the RENDERWARE interface required you to write out the entire vector code *by hand* for the shape of the object you wanted to create. Then you had to pin on the texture you made for the object by writing in another texture code *by hand*. But this was a good way to learn the concept of 3D building — kinda like having to learn DOS before we got the Windows Operating System on our PC’s.
    Oh and another thing I wanted to add!…..Here’s the SLurl to the Beta Memorial Wall where all us early beta testers have our names carved in stone — LOL!

    1. Jo Yardley says:

      I had a look right away, I’m so jealous, I wish I was part of the beta era!
      Thank you for sharing the slurl.

  6. Uccello says:

    A wonderful episode! I listened to it twice. On a related note, sort of, I spoke with Magellan Linden once and documented it on my blog. My challenge to stand the explorer an open tab at a pub for a short interview still stands. More info about the hunt for Magellan (and a pic of him on a milk carton) is also on my blog at

    I look forward to your next episode.

    1. draxfiles says:

      added to the Flickr group 🙂

  7. Inara Pey says:

    Nice one again, guys.You’re hitting the right notes and stride.

    Well done on the tribute to Osprey. Fascinating range to people’s recollections and memories and wonderful insight for those of us who never had the pleasure or privilege of knowing her.

    Drax, sent you an e-mail on the topic of investigative research :).

    Re: “the NSA” and “files”. A couple of things missing from this debate thus far.

    1) The NSA is repeatedly referred to, yet the driving force behind what was going on was (sadly) actually the UK’s GCHQ, which developed the means to access the Xbox Live network and which (more importantly) …

    2) Over a three-day period harvested some 177,000 lines of data from SL, including IMs and L$ transaction information as part of a “test”.

    While i’m not at all surprised at security (and law enforcement) agencies looking into SL, what I remain curious about is whether or not the GCHQ’s test was carried out with or without LL’s knowledge or assistance.

    Although we’re unlikely to ever know the answer to this question (and indeed, whether the reported test was ever repeated), it is interesting to note that while both Microsoft and Blizzard were both quik to issue statements to the effect that they were not complicit in GCHQ’s (and the NSA’s) activities – including data-gathering) in either the X-box Live network or WoW – the Lab refused to make any comment itself. Why that is not evidence of any guilt on the Lab’s part per se, it does cause a raising of at least one eyebrow…

  8. lokieliot says:

    I hope that by the time i move on, i can upload a set of cheeky algorithms to my Avatar, and let him loose on the grid to pop up and cause mischief of his own. Hopefully thats a long way off yet 🙂

    1. Jo Yardley says:

      It would be a great service to offer people; eternal life for your avatar.
      For a small fee your avatar will randomly teleport all over SL, sit down somewhere, have a few subtle gestures, etc.
      Of course with a clear message in your profile explaining the situation.
      I’d love to become a bot in my own sim after I die.
      Just spend eternity sleeping at a table in that smoky bar I used to run, secretly listening to all conversations.

  9. Great job once again, Drax. Now, as to the “security” devices, the ToS are perfectly clear: no user data collection without the consent of the person that is the subject of this data collection. Anything else is excuses and subterfuge.

  10. And here’s the link – LL ToS 6.2 (i):

    You agree to respect both the integrity of the Service and the privacy of other users. You will not:

    (i) Post or transmit viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, time bombs, cancelbots, or other computer programming routines that may harm the Service or interests or rights of other users, or that may harvest or collect any data or information about other users without their consent;

    Ash’s explanations are moot. And let me explain: Yes, you may have your own rules on your land. Yes, you may ban whomever you like, for whatever reason you like. You may open it to the public or keep it private. However, you are still bound by the Lab’s ToS as to how you interact with other users, as to your respect of their privacy and their data (private, sensitive, or otherwise), and you are also bound by whatever RL legislation applies.

    Much to some people’s chagrin, SL is not the Wild West.

  11. i am really loving these shows so far, fantastic job on them!

    1. draxfiles says:

      thx Vixxie! Please spread the word 🙂

  12. Aaron says:

    Is the podcast audio only, or is there a video version, thanks.

    1. draxfiles says:

      HI Aaron, we have a YouTube channel as well – same show just with a static still, you can also embed that on the blog. – by the way for subscribing should you be in the United States we recommend Stitcher!

      1. Aaron says:

        Stitcher it is, thanks for the info!

  13. Masami Kuramoto says:

    Hi Drax,

    my comment on NWN wasn’t meant as criticism towards your show. I think you and Jo are doing a good job.

    I just found it ironic how the griefers and scammers from the old days suddenly pose as reputable security experts. In 2010, when CDS appeared on the market and there were reports of alt accounts getting banned, I went to the SL user forum on Linden Lab’s website and warned about the privacy implications of a system that collects avatar names and IP addresses from hundreds of sims at the same time. I described how the system could be abused as a dragnet to track down alt accounts or other relationships between avatars logging in from the same network location, simply by searching for matching IP addresses within a given time window (to deal with the problem of dynamically assigned IP addresses). I argued that such a system must not be allowed to exist on the grid because it put too much power into the hands of those who have full access to its database.

    Ash’s and Skills’ response to the negative PR was to add my avatar ID to their database, which resulted in an instant ban from all the sims where CDS was deployed. Public opinion in the forum then quickly turned against me because CDS was advertised as incapable of false positives. People concluded that I was banned because CDS had detected a copybot viewer on my computer. I filed an abuse report against Skills and was taken off the ban list after a week, but the damage to my reputation was beyond repair.

    Now if you re-listen to the 26:30 mark of your episode #1 recording, you’ll find Ash basically repeating what I warned about four years ago. He explicitly mentions that it is possible to “trick” users (or, in this case, viewers) into opening media URLs and then figuring out avatar relationships by looking at matching IP addresses from previous connects. In the past he always denied this possibility. I guess you could say he was the James Clapper of SL, giving the least untruthful answer possible to keep the CDS scam going. Meanwhile, Skills was busy filing bogus DMCA claims against YouTube videos showing how easily the bad guys could circumvent her snakeoil product.

    If you are interested, you can look all these things up. All the forum discussions and most of the blog posts from 2010 are still online. From today’s point of view, maybe the most striking thing about them is that some people defended CDS in very much the same way people defend the NSA’s metadata collection now. You will find folks claiming that IP addresses have no intelligence value, even if harvested in a grid-wide fashion. You will find people disputing the right to anonymity in SL or the right to use multiple identities/accounts for privacy reasons.

    To me, the NSA scandal is basically a huge deja-vu. I’ve seen this before, albeit on a smaller scale. The lies, the denial, the public’s cluelessness, they are all very familiar. I guess there is a lesson to learn somewhere.

    1. draxfiles says:

      Masami thank you for your comment. I hope I brought across that I did not mean to call you out but your comment on NWN gave me the opportunity to make the point the listener needs to understands that we are not claiming to be an investigative journalism outfit. I will look into this issue and we will revisit this most certainly. Let us get into the groove of things and I do hope the community participates in supplying contextual information so this can become a hub for sober and respectful debate. If you want to call and set a time for interview with me for pretaping please do!!!

  14. draxfiles says:

    Thx so much everyone who listened and commented. Justin Esparza shared a few more relevant links about Osprey, Magellan and Salazar Jack that I did not link in the post. Please check them out!

    Osprey’s home base and gallery space in the Bodega region on the SL Mainland:

    Her Photography Studio in the Brownstone East, Grignano, Nova Albion:

    The Linden Infohub she designed, built and maintained in the Mainland region of Ambat:

    Combat Card Arena in the Mainland Europa region managed by her and Doc Boffin/Babbage Linden/Jim Purbrick:

    The Forest of Kahruvel – Rodeo region (this is the location from which the character, Osprey Therian, departed through the portal on December 15th, 2103 in search of Salazar Jack. It has possible ties to Nautilus City and the Elderglen Portal):

    Magellan Linden’s Campsite in the Squall region (Magellan left a bottle in the sand with a note from Osprey to him inside):

    Mount G’al (she was a big fan of volcano jumping to cure the ills of the Grid and those of First Life):

    Iris Moth Temple (she had an affinity for the moth-lore of this region and Magellan’s exploration of the Heterocera Atoll):

  15. No wonder Magellan was searching for Bevmo.

  16. Awww that was sooo cute, I love that cute decorating idea on your christmas tree.

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