show #1: oculus + nsa + fitted mesh = ?

show #1
show #1

ok so we just recorded our very very first show [can you spell “yes we did”?] and now without any further type type [after all,radio/pod/broad/narrow-casting is an aural experience: put those headphones on and dive in:

let us know what you think in the comments [btw you can download the show as mp3 or subscribe on iTunes].

below the relevant links for further discussion:

– looking back at 2013 from modemworld blog [we actually skipped that segment shame on us but inara will join us in the future!]

– tos debate: post by mona , thoughts from tateru, trailer to the “terms and conditions may apply” documentary

– oculus rift: new positional tracking, interview with palmer luckey at ces, jo’s scale test area in sl, white house hosts geeks, david’s or-ready viewer [he will come on the podcast in a couple weeks!]

– lily allen confuses bitcoins with linden $$$ [or she confuses the length of a year with the length of a feature length movie!]

– nsa in sl [and elsewhere]: furry research paper [for real!!!]our guest ash quin’s exodus page, pro publica on the “scandal”, colbert makes first life joke, freenet project 

fur crying out loud
fur crying out loud

osama bin laden avatar [?!?!?] + direct link to the “cyberspace spill-over” study for your d/l pleasure

– fitted mesh – our guests: tyr rozenblum, eboni khan, cathy foil & more info [for the likes of drax who are ignorant on fashion issues] from strawberry and inara

– feed a smile rock-a-smile marathon show this saturday feat.maximillion kleene, u2insl, junivers stockholm and others starts at 11am slt!

– ole etzel explains machinima at 12pm slt

– outtakes with scottius polke from the drax files:world makers episode 15


the drax files radio hour with jo yardley is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.the show is supported by mera kranfel, beth ghostraven, inara pey’s modemworld blog, madamethespian underhill’s fine instruments & furnishings, kennylex luckless, natascha randt, shmoo snook, tary allen, pauline clary & strawberry singh.

music by mommaluv skytower, theme music by bd. this show also contains a sample from lily allen’s “hard out there” used under fair use guidelines.

special thanks to torley for providing the Station ID this week. Contact the show via skype draxfiles, avatar draxfiles or email

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  1. Really well done and informative you guys. I learned quite a bit more about Fitted Mesh from your segments with Tyr, Eboni and Cathy. Looking forward to future podcasts!

    1. draxfiles says:

      thx for supporting the show! You got in on a bottom basement deal :)))))

  2. isfullofcrap says:

    Well done. Emailed notes.

    1. draxfiles says:

      Our email is currently down – we will be in touch!

  3. Fuz On Acid says:

    If you can send text and use it for sex the oculus rift then it will be BIG. Seems those are the two things driving Society these days. Some adventurous people are doing both at the same time. I just don’t have the energy for it. I need a “kickstart”. I don’t have any product or prototype but I do need the money. So when you’re “boinking” that Furry in Second Life it might be a NSA agent? Maybe the NSA, CIA and FBI can purchase SL? Much easier way to get personal info. I get personal info all the time without requesting it. I call it “drama”. Are Furries a risk? I have had furries in RL humping my leg…does that count? Is anyone NOT on the “watch list”? It seems they are attacking any platform where people who think free and are able to communicate with others. That’s always considered dangerous to the “authorities”. Sometimes just looking at an avatar you know if it’s the alt of someone you know and of course chat and movements seem to be characteristic. The trick is to be a mufti-personality avatar then people are never sure of who you are. SL is really just 3D internet? LL has a Promo budget? I think I have a bigger budget than they do. Mesh clothes…that’s kind of the problem I have in RL…but it’s called being overweight. Interesting show.

  4. Inara Pey says:

    Excellent opening broadcast – sorry I couldn’t be a part of it this time around.

    1. draxfiles says:

      We won’t stop calling your people! We are even more invasive than the BBC 🙂

  5. nalates says:

    This is awesome. Very well done. Thanks.

    I would like to hear Penny Patton and Jo talking about building to scale. Penny has posted a number of articles on her blog The Digital Pasture about the advantages of building to scale in SL.

    1. Jo Yardley says:

      Oh good idea!
      Penny is one of the main advocates of scale building and with the Oculus coming, it becomes more important than ever.

      1. Building to scale needs to finally become ingrained in all SL content creators’ mindset.

  6. Skate Foss says:

    Excellent! So well done, I learned so much. Thank you

  7. Tyr says:

    I am finally able to sit down and listen and this is so exciting! Ive really been curious about occulus rift for a while, I have to agree fully that it’s going to be big, because right now a lot of game designers, people who have games out with next gen consoles like xbox and ps4, are jumping on this. It’s going to be an affordable version of “virtual reality”, and attainable. Unlike like google glass which will, with the price tag of what i think was 1500 dollar price tag, probably be more for business/high end customers.

    I was really excited to be apart of this though. Fitted mesh is what mesh should have been coming out the gate back in 2011. I know it isnt the perfect answer but it is absolutely fantastic that we are moving into the next step of our slives and doing it on the right track.

    Thanks again Drax,

  8. Lots of info, gossip and goodies — just the way an interesting SL podcast should be! (reminds me of the very first SL podcast show back in the first days…with Mistress Midnight and 2 guys who I can’t remember their names right now hosting…always had a variety of guests on many topics….we gobled it up!…AND it was fascinating because it was the first time we got to hear SL members’ voices!!) The co-host format works very well with Drax and Jo — well done! And I’ve always loved sweet Torley but in addition a huge WELL DONE to your announcer at the end of the show! Ü

    1. isfullofcrap says:

      You’re probably thinking about SecondCast back in 2006 with Johnny Ming, Torrid Midnight, and a few others.

      There’s been a lot over the years, most of them associated with Podcast Island (now Corona Cay)

      1. Okay, it WAS Torrid Midnight….and I remember the Johnny Ming show…but I think she was even on an earlier podcast with Cristiano Midnight (who started Snapzilla).

  9. I actually did a Kittywitchin’ Podcast in about 2008..I can;t even remember what I spoke about but quite frankly it was absolute pants, and I never did it again! This however is the farthest from pants that you can get, it’s brilliant. Well done guys, and here’s to many more!!

    1. draxfiles says:

      If you have a voice for radio we need to hear it! You could be the fashion correspondent if you want 🙂

      1. I’d *love* that 😉

  10. This was an absolutely fascinating and eye opening podcast! Keep up the good work, and congratulations on creating such an awesome first podcast! 🙂

    1. draxfiles says:

      We are just getting started. Please consider a sponsorship arrangement and spread the word. Contact draxfiles in-world!

  11. Stephan Gaudio says:

    YAY, finally it is here. I was looking forward to this show for weeks. Great work guys!!!!

    1. draxfiles says:

      thxxxxxxxx!!! Call in Skype and leave us a nice message [if you, like us, have the face for radio and the voice for TV hihihi]

  12. Mr. X says:

    Is there a way to download this, so I can listen to it while I travel?

    1. draxfiles says:

      we are on iTunes but the feed is not updating properly…patience please…sigh…tech nightmare..[feedburner does not see the embedded media in this post – it sees media in some of the other ones which you see in iTunes]

      1. isfullofcrap says:

        “the drax files radio hour” is appearing in iTunes Store
        iTunes feed currently shows 3 entries: a warm welcome, one month to go, and show #1
        But a straight download link on this page would be helpful for those who do not use iTunes/android equivalent and don’t want to use the embedded player.
        Also may want to add to stitcher.


      2. draxfiles says:

        Stitcher is submitted & d/l here = got the monkeys working on it!

  13. boudiccaamat says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the entire show – a big thanks to all that took part

    1. draxfiles says:

      thx so much! Spread the word! If we don’t get voted off the island we will back every Friday!

  14. lokieliot says:

    While I’m sceptical like Babbage Linden that Oculus won’t make a mainstream splash, i am now starting to understand how significant Oculus could be perhaps not for Second Life but for what ever might emerge later from it.

    I watched the CES 2014 Engadget interview with Palmer Lucky where he discusses how intuitive it makes Virtual Reality here >>

    And it reminded me of a different interview i’d seen in 2008

    So in 2014 – 2015 the Software of VR and the Hardware of VR are finally coming together which is exciting because the hardware side of VR could be the missing puzzle for making VR as intuitive as real life.

    Unfortunately the Hardware VR hype seems to have forgotten all about the huge leaps in Software VR.

    1. Jo Yardley says:

      Yes, a LOT still has to be done and a LOT will have to go just right for VR to become as big as it could be.
      But the planets have never been better aligned than today.
      Lots of ifs, but I reckon at least a few of those ifs are going to come true this year.

      1. draxfiles says:

        In “Ready Player One” VR becomes mainstream just because of the availability and coordination between hardware and software.

    2. draxfiles says:

      We will make it our prime cause to remind Palmer that we have a world [albeit not perfect], huge and full of amazing people/creations to be explored! Yes there is more to do in SL than buying BitCoins on a street corner & while it is NOT the metaverse as imagined at least by us it is the closest we have!

  15. Excellent and interesting podcast.

    1. draxfiles says:

      thx so much! always hit us with suggestions or call into Skype – we’d love to hear your voice 🙂

  16. calisouther says:

    Informative and entertaining!

  17. Jerry says:

    I have a very busy place in SL which is popular especially for Newbies. I would love to advertise your show there for free. Maybe you could provide some kind of clickable information kiosk that links to the shows, a texture or something with shared media that residents can put at their place inworld.

  18. I hope I’ll finally get to listen to the radio hour tonight. RL’s been crazy lately. Know that I wish you all the best!

  19. Cathy Foil says:

    Wonderful show! Lot’s of thought provoking and great information. I will be looking forward to perhaps being lucky enough to be on the show again sometime.

  20. Raza Lane says:

    Wow, that was such a great opening show. I really loved the podcast. Many Thanks for recording it. It was very informative. I had never heard of the Oculus Rift before. It reminds me of Virtual reality ideas from the 1990’s that I’m glad are finally coming to fruition. Was interesting to hear you guys discuss the NSA in SL topic and I’d never heard of Furries either! Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed it and will listen regularly for the fun chatter and informative info! Keep up the great work. Raza Lane

  21. People need to understand that Fitted Mesh (even though not perfect) is the answer to every one screaming ” I dont want to change my shape” because it will be one mesh in your inventory, and you put it on and it will just fit . No more trying on all the standard sizes to see which one kinda fits you and then adjusting your shape .
    When you go to edit your shape, and you move the sliders, it is the collision bones of your avatars skelton that are moving (growing in size etc.. ) weighting the vertices of the mesh of the clothing to those bones will also make the mesh clothing move with the shape sliders.
    The biggest problem for designers is that the SL avatar body mesh is horribly weighted to the bones and it is this file that we get from SL that we have to weight our meshes too, so there is ALOT of clean up we have to do before we can even began to weight clothing … and LL has been asked repeatedly to fix this issue .. also other things they have been asked to include and fix that they have flat out said no too, some reasons are understandable .. such as inorder to include that feature they would have to rewrite of code etc…
    So … no finger bones, no mouth bones… (as I think these are done with “morhs” and not bones)

    also it should be noted that SL has added more C-bones to the avatars skelton, therefor Fitted Mesh will work alot better than the past “Liquid Mesh” and that you must have a compatible viewer in order to see it properly and as of right now the official Second Life Viewer is the only one that has the extra bones in it’s code … Firestorm does not yet .

    I can teach you Machinima LOL .

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    Just wanted to say keep up the great job!

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