we stopped archiving these podcasts on youtube because frankly it makes little sense for an audio show to be on a website for video no? so instead we are linking to a wonderful series here called “what second life means to me” [which we hope will be revived someday!]:

we also have a special playlist with only the #draxtorreads related videos that became podcasts after the live-stream from sansar. of course you can still find the audio versions at their respective place in the sequence. check the original video streams out below:

lastly: as you may know = atlas hopping is now world hopping but we are still on every saturday at 11am in sansar. check out almost ALL live streams from the past couple years with strawberry, daisy and solas as co-hosts:

want more video? check the video page on this very blog ! ! !

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  1. GorGirl says:

    Hi there, Will you be posting up 2nd March audio on disability in SL? Thank you

    1. draxfiles says:

      hey there not sure what you are referring to?

      1. GorGirl says:

        I heard a radio show on the whip radio in SL yesterday and I missed it. I contacted Jo Yardley and was informed it would be put up. I have been checking but have not seen it. So I was just wondering if you are putting up that show on this site. I was hoping to listen to it as I started listening toward the end of the show. 🙂

      2. draxfiles says:

        Ahhh understood 🙂 if we do a live taping Fridays the show always comes in edited and extended form here Sunday. Best way to keep track: subscribe via itunes or Stitcher

      3. GorGirl says:

        I found it – thank you 🙂

  2. GorGirl says:

    No problem. Found it. Thanks 🙂

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