show #93: the vr crossroads

show #93
show #93

are you gleaning from the title that today we have a show where two concerned parents spend 30+ minutes complaining about “the kids today with their hmds…”?

you gleaned wrong: we talk saturated media environments and the pros and cons of vr with reuben steiger, who was right there even way before sl even started.

i recommend even child-less listeners = prick your ears:

and now that you listened, please keep reading:

  • reuben steiger…
reuben steiger
reuben steiger

…currently with 8andup dot com

  • marketing in sl = toyota scion [fondly remembered!]
  • drax used to drive scion in both worlds….
draxtor's new scionxb
draxtor’s new scionxb
  • play loki eliot’s “the well: infirmos” if you have not!
candy crush 3d [pic from pinterest]
candy crush 3d [pic from pinterest]
  • linden lab ceo ebbe altberg shares first look into project sansar at dublin web summit

  • more web summit coming next week…
ebbe talks fran at websummit
ebbe talks fran [from drax files] at websummit
a turd at web summit
a turd at web summit

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Willow says:

    I found your interview with reuben steiger interesting and thought provoking. Unlike others of your shows since the new season started It has become so I only listen to parts your shows and am thankful for the ability to fast forward through the audio. I think I set a record with the trilobite interview. I listened to her enthusiastically echo the company line for about three minutes before fast forwarding.
    Just a word of warning I am already warming up the fast forward button for the report from Dublin since I think it will be more of the company line and how great we are. So surprise me.

    1. draxfiles says:

      Hi Willow, thx for the comment 🙂 I like to believe that people can draw their own conclusions from Trilo’s answers or non-answers [and indeed they have!]. One word of context in that regard: she as everyone else on Project Sansar is prohibited to speak about almost anything at this point but I nonetheless opted to do this interview because I find it important to at least get a little bit of audio straight from the source, especially when we can put in other aspects of interest.

      I notice with regret that you feel I am somehow doing company PR [this season only?] instead of letting folks listen to the thinking of certain individuals that I get access to for a very short time for one reason or another, and I try to talk to them without imposing my own opinion.

      However when I am a fan [as with VR Kids f.e.] it is clearly biased.

      In terms of web summit in Dublin = I think forwarding would be a mistake 🙂 Not sure why the perception out there is I am such a cheerleader for tech being the savior of humanity, especially in terms of social media!

      1. draxfiles says:

        adding one more thought = Trilo mentioned a lot of interesting stuff about diversity and her own path that you missed. Also if you indeed fast-forwarded through all episodes this new season starting with show 81 then you did miss A LOT of critical voices, including my own on matters of SL, Sansar and VR as a whole!

      2. Willow says:

        Draxtor, Just to clear something up and say something that may get back to the lab here are my personal views on social media. I’m very much against, as I think you are, what I call the Facebook model where you are limited to have one master account with all your physical world details linked to all your avatars. I do not trust the lab or Facebook or some other organization to keep that information secure. One of the rumors flying around is that Sansar will use such a model. In the end if it does I will not bother set up an account.

        From ten years of watching the way the way the lab ignores users views even on their own web site I doubt it though. What I fear and it wouldn’t surprise me if the lab tried it is that the they try to force a link between SL avatars and Sansar avatars.

        I got into a discussion with another SL pundit (You are that BTW. 🙂 ) What was said was that that having a master account would be great since then you have access your master avatar’s inventory and in-world money balance. BIG DEAL. It takes just a few seconds to transfer money and that experimental avatar may or may not even be human.

        When I fast forward I do not just go straight to the end of the show but will fast froward for a while then listen to a seconds to see if my first impression is being born out or not. If it is its back to fast forward for a while. Yes I may miss something new and significant that way but in most cases its not going to be worth the time to search for that pearl amount the dreck.

        The other this season’s show I listen to in its entirety was VR kids. Actually I listened multiple times. I think you can figure out why it had a personal interest for me.

  2. lokieliot says:

    When i was a child with learning difficulties i found it hard to read, leading me to never read books, I never read the hobbit, i never read harry potter, but does anyone who knows me in SL think i have no imagination? Imagination is not simply a case of inventing things to fill gaps that don’t exist, It is a tool for taking things we have seen and experienced and being able to manipulate them to create an idea.

    1. draxfiles says:

      Loki thx so much for this comment. You are absolutely right in how you define creativity and imagination here but you are also a special, talented and self-regulated guy who is able to get a good balance going between input and output! I remain concerned in the larger sense about TOO much input [because it is just soooo yummy] and too little [creative] output. Now I think there are many many reasons for the vast majority of folks not picking up a physical paint brush, a pen or a digital tool and make their own stuff, but one has to do with not letting oneself stare into the [night?] sky and let those thoughts germinate & come out the other end with ideas that are so strong, they must be brought into the world.

      I think the narrow focus on reading despite learning differences is bad because it stigmatizes kids, but good teachers know this and provide other avenues to let imagination fly.

      Lastly for the record: endless passive reading of garbage is equally bad as Candy Crush IMhO!!!

  3. This really resonated with me. While I find the things people do with “gamification” or pre-programmed experiences interesting (intellectually) I am always drawn to the experiences which involve live interaction between at least two people with pulses. Maybe that’s why bots and NPC’s give me the willies.

    I have to agree that the danger is, much as we dislike people talking about VWs as “games”, so many of the popular things being created only make them more game-like.

    Reuben’s opening remarks were right on target for me – Bravo!

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