arrived safely in 2014. did you?

“quiet drax – you are waking up your mom!”


attic anxiety
attic anxiety

happy new year & i shall resist the urge to replace the “year” with a word that rhymes and starts with “t”[describing a wad of cash some of us have to plunk down on a weekly/monthly basis…sigh…].

but seriously: we should be excited about 2014 as it promises to be a good year for virtual reality [even respected old media publications are using the term again, can you believe it?].

we are getting ready for the show launch in a week and hopefully you can contribute to the discussion: what do you want us to cover? comment below!

meantime: on daniel voyager’s blog episode 13 of the video series won big time as audience favorite and therefore we’d like to share with you some left-overs from the interview with barbie.

barbie had a lot of deep stuff to say that did not make it into the episode.

by the way: the podcast enables us to share outtakes from the video series on a regular basis. it is often hard to determine the narrative of the reportage and what has to end up on the cutting room floor.

“quiet drax – you are waking up your mom!”
“quiet drax – you are waking up your mom!”

cheers and all the best this year! we will see/hear/entertain you soon[ish].


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  1. cover *cough cough* DRD’s owner *cough lol kidding!.

    i’d like to see a drax files not persay on a person .. but on old sims like ‘tempura’ that still have so much traffic and still look semi relevant today to go back to and why do so many people still go there? i personally still visit tempura myself, ive been going to one paarticular spot ever since i rezzed .. but theres other old sims that are still around like that , would be cool to interview ppl and ask them why those places and what brings em there.

    allso the gacha arcade would be a cool thing to cover ! *still wonders where the first gacha script ever came from* looks like a quest for drax!! 😛

    1. draxfiles says:

      Fab suggestions! Please drop LM to our boss av “draxfiles” in-world so he can do some location scouting.

  2. Tyr says:

    I am really lucky to have gotten to be a part of the pod cast. Ill be honest, I am pretty mind blown you asked me, its hard for me to break out of my shell sometimes. Thank you for being so patient and I am really looking forward to what 2014 has to bring for the Show & Drax files!

    1. draxfiles says:

      Helping break shells shall be the new tagline 🙂 Thx Tyr!

  3. Ash Weststar says:

    I’d actually like to hear a topic covering griefers in Second life, I remember a point in time when griefing was just a continuous issue and these days, if you do get griefed, generally a few clicks resolves the issue without a second thought.

    Answering some questions like: What has changed there? What do griefers commonly target and why do they persist on those targets? What kind of griefing is common these days? Is griefing dying out?

    1. draxfiles says:

      Very very interesting that you mention this Ash = I have just scheduled a bunch of interviews on that subject matter. In re dying out? Oh noooooo [thx to Esteban] =

  4. lokieliot says:

    its hard for me to think up a topic that does not start with “Why hasn’t Linden Lab done……” Perhaps an interesting topic would be about what people are actually doing in SL. The Drax files shows many content creators making stuff and experiences, but what are the Users who don’t create doing in SL? SL gets thousands of new user sign ups everyday and premium accounts herd them into prefab houses. So when a user has decked out their Linden Home, what do they then do?

    1. draxfiles says:

      Well Loki, we may start a custom ™ segment just for you: “Why the heck has LL not ___________yet?” – but seriously: we will be exploring this issue with as many diverse voices that we can find. Also: a local friend of mine who got into SL big time after I told him about last year will be interviewed on that subject and others. He has some really out-of-the-valley-box thoughts about these things. Anyhow: I personally suspect all the non-creators star in videos by Shakiria Gaga such as this one =

  5. hmm… I had forgotten I even had a Linden home.. must check in and fill it up with prims ;). On a more serious level I haven’t used SL in over a year now.. and it certainly did change my life for the better. I miss the hosting of large scale events and performing live online was such a great buzz for me also all the interviews Perhaps it might be of interest to some to see how long time users who have ‘ ‘semi left’ SL or whose who rarely use it now view the platform and whether they still have an interest in using it again… er.. along those lines anyway..

    1. draxfiles says:

      thx Slimmie – definitely on the list of subjects. But how come you left now that [in the opinions of almost everybody I talk to on a daily basis] SL has gotten so much better and improving significantly on a rapid pace plus getting recognition via Leap Motion, Oculus etc?

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