show #302: a strange chicken named rg penner talks labour?

show #302

rg penner is a debut author who wrote tons of fantastical short stories, a few wacky and deep novels, edited the big echo criticial science fiction blog of stories and interviews. how come? well he was and is william squirrell but for today’s show he is a chicken and “strange labour” is on the menu: a “low key” [his words!] post-apocalyptic tale that i would call an elegy, a meditation, a gigantic puzzle/metaphor that stays with you for a long time.

enjoy the show:

and now onward for more material to digest:

  • the original livestream from the official sl channel:
  • the postgame hangout with a chicken
  • impressions from the show and the post-game [fab venue as always made by ruby]
  • some slides we used with excerpts [prepped by shyla] – please be advised that the character “vince” from “let the bastards burn” uses a whole bunch of very problematic slurs but he is a violent reactionary a**hole so he would most definitely act like this in real life …
  • in “strange labour” millions of able-bodied adults abandon their families to work in a unspecified extractive capitalistic endeavor … what came to mind for me was the “virtual mine” we designed at bavc back in 2009/2010 for the pbs documentary “deep down”
  • i loved robert’s “yellow spring” writter under the squirrell name … a troubling, absurd yet plausible near future scenario of christian capitalism “milking” comatose patients’ relatives for storage fees for their loved ones until every value imaginable is extracted .. it will make you furious if you read it and you should [read it. and then get furious. and then channel that anger]!
  • robert’s stylistic variety is reminiscent of zappa in the sense that i can totally see fans of one book really NOT liking the other and so on …
  • a lot of local questions during the show were a variation of “who is slavoj zizek??” and so while you may think he does not have anything to do with anything we discussed today, here is a little introduction to the man [who i admire a lot btw!]:
  • what else is happening in second life? beauty and contemplation and healing as expressed by japanese photographer bisou dexler:
  • april fools is over, long live the first anniversay of the second life book club! onward to the next year ……

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