show #303: sam j. miller on the power of stories & activism

show #303

sam j. miller writes magical fiction, situated firmly in the “real” world of gentrified cities, exploitation of labor, depicting the immoral dominance of capital, hell bent on extracting value no matter what and shining a light on the plight of the poor, addicted and struggling in his hometown of hudson, ny, as well as in imagined future places like in “blackfish city”.

digital art by sam … quote by samuel r. delaney …

enjoy a discussion about the intersection of writing fiction and real life activism, where we look at the pros and cons of both these important endeavors:

and some more resources to follow up:

  • the original live streamed show
  • postgame discussion with sam
  • sam’s org “picture the homeless” where he worked for 15 years, is still alive, well and doing good stuff:
  • discovering new writers on the show: that is what i love best and i know the audience does too: poppy z. brite folks [sam’s inspiration] = order his books!
  • sam’s “the blade between” deals with the whaling industry in his hometown and the foundation of the story [as is the original wealth of hudson and the surrounding area] is the blood of those magnificent creatures …

  • … we had a whale floating above our venue to pay hommage!
  • the intersection between fiction and the real world came to a full circle this week with our discussion and the defeat of unionization efforts in bessemer, alabama. yes: gentrification, the issue of the unhoused and monopolies enforcing immoral working conditions = these things ARE related!
  • what else is new in second life? book club related news: queen of horror, ellen datlow, is confirmed for a november show !!! her “body shocks” anthology is out in october!

the drax files radio hour is a weekly production of draxtor … and media for all! 

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