show #301: jolts in a s***storm san soleil w. f.sdrigotti

show #301

fernando sdrigotti is our guest today. chris marker fan, hater of progressive rock [allegedly!!!], lover of minor literatur[s] and master of synthesizing complex thoughts in short stories that just 100% nail the experience we all share, not only since social media started to dominate everything: a sense of being in and out of place and time, a feeling of not being at home in one place but possibly any place?

i digress because quite possibly none of this is shared by anyone and it is only me and fernando contemplating this stuff! and maybe bolaño. and maybe david foster wallace … anyways = enjoy the show and the complementary links below:

and now for more links:

  • the original live stream of the show
  • postgame with a cat and a crowd
  • impressions of our special venue space [built by ruby] and during showtime
  • chris marker was obviously an amazing and important artist and everyone should watch “la jetee” [which you can since criterion posted the whole film online back in july!!!] and “san soleil”
  • but chris was also in second life at the age of 80+ & his island is still in operation [click image below]!
  • what else is new in second life? well: april fools hit & i was accused of using the same joke since 2007 which is untrue!

the drax files radio hour is a weekly production of draxtor … and media for all! 

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