show #272: settling the stars with fred nadis

show #272

fred nadis is a journalist and author who set out to settle the score [in book form] on how the stars were envisioned to be settled back in the late 19th century and contextualize for us the efforts of future space colonization so we can all finally settle down.

now: do i get props for a goofy convoluted sentence, more goofy and convoluted than some of the plans for those 15 billion us$ space yachts by john spencer mentioned in the book or do you guys just want to listen to the show? the latter? ok …. [for the sex/communism in space content you have to buy the book!]


  • the original live stream:
  • a few of the pictures from fred’s book below, illustrating the past, present and future of space travel and beyond, including a space colony as envisioned by gerard o’neill, a wide shot of biosphere2 and nazi scientist wernher von braun, smiling for the cameras with walt disney …
  • the most fascinating part of the book for me was the story about the russian cosmist movement [below mentor of many, nikolai fyodorov, rocket scientist/scifi author konstantin tsiolkovsky & his rocket proposal and a few art pieces inspired by the spirit of exploration]. the movement started in the late 1800s and was strong in the interbellum period. the enthusiasm for all things space continued in the soviet union under the stalin regime and -as most of us know – resulted in the launch of the sputnik satellite [certainly not to the liking of mr. von braun …]
  • fred mention’s THE WELL in his book [which still is a sort of prototype virtual community started by stewart brand who plays a big part in “star settlers” as well] & i would be remiss not to link to this early philip rosedale presentation about second life. to clarify: i am not sure philip is anti going out into space but he is certainly pro exploring and nourishing the inner mind and – as he believes by extension – taking care of our planet.
  • fred’s appearance at the book club was great fun as was the post game party on the moon
  • on another note: what is coming up on sl dg videos this week? something with belly dancing perhaps? coming soon ….
  • on yet another note = what else happened in sl this past weekend you ask? the big titmouse smash party was a big big BIG success [in my egocentric opinion]

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