show #273: talking clifi with cat sparks & james bradley

show #273

two australian authors on the show today: cat sparks and james bradley, both dealing in their fiction with the climate crises [yes, the one that should have us most definitely a bit more concerned than most mainstream media reporting suggests, especially in regards to humans accelerating it and the impact it has on our as well as future generations …]

cat and james as photographed by rosie

sit back, relax but not too much! my wish: read sparks and bradley, dive into clifi, ecofi and solar punk, check out the good and deep reporting on the climate [the one that does not shy away from clearly stating the link between human causation and global fallout such as mass migration etc and get activated … maybe beyond posting on social media?]

now read on and like i said above: get active!

  • the original live stream of the show [big thanks to isabelle cheren who ran excellent camera at a tough hour]:
  • reading list of today’s show on bookshop dot org but please consider buying at your local retailer too [in the case of cat get hers from newconpress!]
  • if you follow cat on twitter [or enjoy her beautiful photography] don’t despair = get active!
  • i love cat’s little blurbs about her inspiration [to be read AFTER the story but alas here is a teaser now go order “dark harvest”!!!]
  • in re cat’s end quote “don’t let the bunker people win” = here is a read by douglas rushkoff which should be a big big red warning sign [that is if you need one more still ! ! !]
  • if you follow james on twitter [or read his excellent non-fiction] don’t despair = get active!
  • a genre that is often mentioned alongside clifi is “solarpunk” = check out the definition and a list of some authors from wikipedia below:
  • another fabulous writer with a foot in the clifi/ecofi genre [and a lot of activism in her real life] is liz jensen who was on the short-lived sansar version of the book show:
  • post-game of this week’s book club was super fun despite the urgent topic and we had some wonderful writers drop by like cass moriarty and anna whitely.
  • in case you missed the epic titmouse/adult swim smash party we moved from hollywood to second life = oh boy … you missed some good deals = i was following chris around and i met hollywood royalty [well i guess you can still watch the archived live stream …]
  • in case you missed last week’s sl dg video = nour is awesome & the video features some crazy singing by yours truly ….
  • what else is happening in second life? something super awesome = tuesday will see toni’s story go live [just a short version albeit finally!]:
  • what is coming up on the book club next week? well … drax found a new all-time favorite writer [sorry matt ruff] ….

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