show #271: larry niven in [glorious] conversation

show #271

what a day: guest on the book club was larry niven, inventor of “ringworld” and as of quite recently a similar world based on a dyson sphere: “glorious”, co-written with gregory benford came out in june this year and concludes the “bowl of heaven” trilogy.

are you in for a motie avatar who rejects “soft” new wave scifi in favor of the harder variety? you came to the right podcast!

bonus? second life founder philip rosedale debates larry on finding humanity’s future on earth [in vr?] or out there in deep space. and yes of course this is a binary choice! nuance schmuance ….

now after listening = reading/watching below is good for you:

  • the original live stream
  • the post game with philip rosedale
  • since the heads of the ringworld protagonists are cut off in the featured image [sorry darn logo!!!] here we post again and then some ….
  • larry may be the original superfan of furries [i did not get around asking him OR if his involvement with the department of homeland security – as mentioned on wikipedia – is still ongoing …]
  • in the mood for watching a documentary that touches on the interplay between politics and science with larry doing a cameo? behold “pandora’s box” by adam curtis [who i am a superfan of!]
  • is a ringworld movie coming after all?
  • what else is happening in second life? glad you asked: good soothing worlds, not necessarily ring-shaped though …
  • what is coming up in second life and on the book club more specifically? well glad you asked ….

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