show #250: the second life book club is here [to stay!]

show #250

it has taken off: the second life book club – a dream come true for the booknerd that i am – has premiered with smash success, standing room only 1 hour before the show, thousands of people watching on various live-streams. fantastic authors who enjoy their digital embodiment …. how is that for a world where allegedly nobody reads anymore?

cb lee, sl huang, ken liu and matt ruff were on the panel, trying to not get interrupted by a giddy/all-over-the-place drax moderating. enjoy:

a bit more to digest for you below [and don’t forget to suggest authors for future shows!]:

  • the original livestream of our book club debut:
  • and i started a reading list on bookshop dot org [which only ships in the us at this point so please check your indie retailer in the rest of the world and do avoid amazon please?]

Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 9.16.13 AM

  • we had two special guests [at least!] at the show … one of them is a “member” …

anne reserved
anne charnock had a reserved seat. want one? well … only authors may apply!
  • the next panel discussion is may 6th …


  • but sl huang is coming back 4/29 so book a seat NOW:

  • and what is happening in sansar? well a bittersweet last #114 harvest crawl ….

  • are we continuing the #draxtorreads across the metaverse in sansar? well … only if authors can play it by ear and hop in with their own headset. and for historical purposes here is the complete playlist:
  • is that it with drax and sansar you ask? is he gone for good? not quite yet because this saturday is a big screening of #ourdigitalselves [in lieu of the ethnografilm festival in paris this month] hosted by zerocheese = join us:

  • what else is happening in second life? this week’s destination guide video is all about spiritual services. enjoy:


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