show #233: debating rushkoff with ryan schultz

show #233

through a tweet by second life co-founder philip rosedale mr. drax was alerted to an article on medium by media theorist douglas rushkoff entitled ” most vr is total bullshit”.

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 8.09.51 AM

with a headline like this we here at the radio hour had to cover the “issue” and well-known virtual world blogger ryan schultz was certainly game for the conversation. what is the issue you ask? well, perhaps [broadly speaking] the perception of the usefulness or lack thereof of vr in the wider general public but as you will glean from this show both ryan and i are interpreting rushkoff’s stance as a somewhat narrow view reflecting the position of [some] media elites that may or may not be [completely] oblivious to the longstanding power of user-created worlds made in sl and elswhere.

enjoy and comment if you please?

more interesting context you want? you got it:

  • ryan’s original take on rushkoff’s article:

  • who pushes back better & more nuanced than ryan and [especially] i against rushkoff’s view on vr? enter linden lab ceo ebbe altberg:
  • on the issue of a young woman of color vs. a ultra-rich oligarch whose companies’ business practices are questionable: what team are YOU on?

  • for my white colleagues and friends: please imagine the impact a monopoly of fb in not only the realm of social media but pretty much everywhere will have [and has] on people of color:

  • want to know how to fix what facebook broke? jaron lanier has the answer:
  • i felt compelled to compile all my sansar creator profiles into one thread to celebrate the upcoming story on a creator named eunicorn later this week:

  • are we still having fun in sansar? you bet!

  • i know everyone wants to know what strawberry is doing. here is ONE thing of a million of things … [go go go berry !!!!]

  • what am i reading? still simon sellars excellent “applied ballardianism” but also have to start soon re-reading “infinite detail” because tim maughan is coming to 114 harvest …

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