show #205: so what about decentraland?

show #205.png
show #205

decentraland to some may look like a good ol’ fashioned scam updated for the experiential age: virtual land being sold for millions of REAL dollars without even an actual place on a social vr space to visit, hang out and build quite yet. only a map. and finite land. and the blockchain …. drax spoke to nicolas earnshaw from the decentraland product team in buenos aires, argentina, and he may appear a bit drunk as the clock is ticking, on some bitcoin type kool aid perhaps … shaken, not stirred, brewed with mana and etherum. he may need to be de-programmed…

take a listen and judge for yourself:

some context below:

  • in the interview we reference a piece by the bbc:
  • quick look at the web browser and land in decentraland:
  • current value [as of one website and the time of this writing] of mana as displayed by coinmarketcap:

value value value.png

  • a few screenshots of decentraland in progress [again: at this point even land owners can;t go in-world!]
  • a contest is happening = should you apply? maybe i will …. or am i still drunk?

contest and win.jpg

  • this video tries to explain “burning mana” and how this economy is supposed to work and i still do NOT understand it …
  • ready to buy land which may or may not be there when your kids need money for college? go and link meta mask to mana:
  • on a non-blockchain note: 2nd episode of “love made in sl” is out and wonderful and does not mention money at all the entire 2 min worth of video …
  • black history month is winding down and a lot of rl happenings were quite depressing however = in sansar we had a great time discussing great books by african-american authors [follow hashtag #draxtorreads on twitter to stay in the loop]:

  • if you attended my 12th rez day party in second life = thank you so much for coming we had such a great time and we all know that friends WILL BE FRIENDS:

  • oh and i finished “the gray house” which has little to do with vr other than there may be a LOT of other worlds imagined by the disabled kids inhabiting this strange house …. in that sense: it has EVERYTHING to do with virtuality 🙂

  • and in closing a bit of a different look at bitcoin tech = maybe not the way to go forward to total wonderful freedom …

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  1. Easily one of your best shows. You asked questions that I haven’t seen anyone bother to ask the people behind this project. All of the mainstream media outlets that have interviewed these guys are usually clueless about virtual worlds and the tech behind them, so they never bother to ask the tough questions. I hope people listen to this and start thinking more critically about it. Decentraland is overhyped vaporware to me until I can finally walk around in it. Heck, it’ll be a scam even then, considering those land prices. Wow.

    I’m sure many of the people at this company have nothing but good intentions, but it sounds to me based on this guy’s responses that even they’ve been suckered into their own scam.

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