show 232: awe 2019 munich

232 final.png
show #232

over 100 exhibitors & tons of speakers from ar, vr and xr startups as well as big brands came to drax’ hometown of munich, germany for the 4th annual augmented world expo, euro edition.

drax did no presentation this year but roamed the halls to catch up with old friends and make new ones. enjoy – among other goodies – a big meta conversation with fabulous vr director anrick, pioneering storyteller, who completely changed the mind of this host in regards to the validity of – yes indeed: snapchat ! ! !

and now please read and watch on below for some more context and linkage:

  • some random pics from drax’ iphone:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • this podcast’s main guest anrick:

  • and the other main guest amy peck from htc vive  in a great talk from last year:
  • anrick’s awe talk was all about snapchat lens studio & if you need a visual example of what can be done? see below:

  • anrick mentions spark ar which is similar to snapchat lens studio in functionality:
  • as you heard in the show, wolf3d is integrated with hifi to make avatars and rig them too:

  • jazmin cano [she was on this show waaaaay back in the day] from hifi is featured on the iphone app link:
  • manus vr data glove = getting those guys on the show soon but teaser here:

  • saw the cyberith guys at awe too. they were guest on drax files before. remember episode 30 anyone?

  • anrick mentions the “grey matter” ar project:

  • hologate anyone?

  • what is new in second life? a lot coz HALLOWEEEEEEn !!!!
  • what is happening in sansar? A LOT!!!

… and ending the blog with my favorite tweet from philip rosedale [more power to him!!]

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