show 163: war of the social worlds part2

show #163.jpg
show #163

we continue to debate the war between social vr worlds that must –  according to at least one panelist – end with only one world standing!


on the panel: galen, xaos princess, menithal and adam frisby respectively.

more linkage below:

  • atlas hopping in “miner difficulties” made by galen and jasmine in sansar

in the sansar mine.png

  • menithal was on the show before it is always super fun!


tom comments

  • on a serious note about digital democracy which will impact vr:

  • and this is what drax is up to in his sparetime:

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  1. Medhue says:

    I have a special place in my heart for SL, much like Drax. Many years before SL, I was a more traditional artist, and struggled to fine galleries to show in and work in the field. I had resigned to working in Detroit factories, until I found SL. Second Life changed everything for me. Part of the reason I do tutorials, and such, is to help others find that same joy. I’ve also coached many sports teams, which lead me to realize that most people just need some encouragement. SL is the perfect place to put yourself out there and see what happens.

    It really annoys me when people use the term libertarian to mean things that don’t resemble the actual term at all. Libertarian and Anarchy are not synonyms. There are 2 main principles to libertarianism, which are the NAP(non aggression principle), and property rights. These 2 things, taken to their inevitable conclusions should produce a society that is more anarchic, but to use the term in place of anarchy is somewhat ignorant. It’s also hilarious to see people combine the term with California. This is nonsensical, considering that California is the least libertarian state in the union. Again, it shows a serious lack of understanding of what the word libertarian means. So, unless you are making arguments against aggression, and FOR property rights, then whatever you are taking about can’t be libertarian.

  2. Jeremy O. Turner says:

    Whoa! David Frum is affiliated with the Atlantic? This explains everything!

  3. Jeremy O. Turner says:

    It was a great follow-up discussion…It seems that the limitations of one virtual world are compensated with a different one… I think it would be great if all of these worlds could be interoperable (intercompatible) and act more as “zones” or “regions” as part of one big Multiverse. I guess there would be political issues with centralizing the worlds this way (esp. from High Fidelity’s perspective)…At the very least, it would be a good idea for HF and Sansar to merge back into SL VR. The panelists all have good points regarding the need for intuitive and collaborative in-world building as well as having compelling places to just visit and hang out in. It is cool that Unity is a base for both VR Chat and Sinewave…If something like Unity becomes easily accessible in-world (perhaps this was already implemented in the Sinewave VR viewer) and was intuitive as embodied prim-building, then that would be a big start…I have not tried Sinewave yet but here are my current faves in Social immersive VR: 1- VR Chat for hanging out, landscapes/environments and aesthetic diversity… 2 – High Fidelity for the avatar lip sync, gaze tracking, flying, NPCs and open source attitude… Sansar is cool too but it has not (yet) held my enthusiasm as much as the other two…

  4. Jeremy O. Turner says:

    ….I should add what I like about Sansar so far… 1- Drax’s 114 Harvest place…I am totally into how his house looks and the basement is awesome 😀 2 – The mature demographic (as compared with say, VR Chat)… 3 – The ambitious architectural restoration projects such as Boulee’s Cenotaph to Isaac Newton…

    As for Second Life, I am so addicted to immersive (HMD-based) VR that I have had no desire to return to desktop VR…

  5. Jeremy O. Turner says:

    …and finally, I think that avatar embodiment is absolutely essential for immersive VR….One reason I prefer VR Chat and High Fidelity over some of the other social VR worlds is due to the fact that you see your own avatar body…This helps reinforce immersion and reduce nausea…

  6. pdofak says:

    Hey Drax, what do you mean Linden never persued a text only client? Where were you when the SLim client was a thing?
    If you don’t know, it was an awesome little client that gave you in world chat, IM, and voice.
    Granted, SL voice would be difficult on a mobile device but the text part could easily have become an app.

    1. draxfiles says:

      I totally followed that BUT they never had it work on mobile and then they just closed it down. That is what I meant = there was not enough effort behind it which was a shame. Remember SLGo? We even did a fun commercial for it. Different circumstances with that one but still … sad that it did not work out…

      1. pdofak says:

        I was bummed at the killing of SLim but hugely disappointed at losing SL Go. That had real useful potential.
        Too bad that the mundane seeking of money interferes with so many brilliant innovative efforts.

  7. So we are going to war? How are your troops?

    1. draxfiles says:

      If you are in VRChat please do come on the show sometime 🙂

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