show 164: war of the social worlds part3

show #164.jpg
show #164

and the conclusion [albeit not the end by any means to this subject matter] to our discussion on social vr worlds.

again a show without representatives of vrchat which apparently has the highest concurrency [and nobody wants to talk about it…]


guests on today’s show:

  • vrchat = uhm nobody coz all of their reps are hanging in-world…
vrchat concurrency waiting to get sued by active worlds
vrchat concurrency waiting to get sued by active worlds
  • drfran babcock – big in hifi but not forgetting her sl roots

… and we are having occasional fun in the real world together too…

HiFi Hackathon

…and perhaps in 2018 we are doing live shows from her place in hifi:

My bistro in High Fidelity

  • menithal [making things]
  • xaos princess [explaining things]
  • adam frisby [teaching things]
  • context net neutrality:
  • context infinite jest [and no the reviewer is NOT drax!] :
  • atlas hopping – fun as always!

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

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thumbnail by justin esparza

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  1. Jeremy O. Turner says:

    I might be available to talk about VR-Chat for the next podcast 🙂

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