show #14: philip > there thou art!

show #14
show #14

you guessed it: this show is all about mr.rosedale aka philip [formerly] linden and what he has been up to since going back to creating worlds.

there is indeed a LOT of new shiny stuff to talk about.

listen and learn:

and now read some more:

leap motion giveaway [leave us a message on skype draxfiles before thursday 10am]

apple does avatars [and was granted a patent]

crazy talk the apple way?
crazy talk the apple way?

high fidelity is progressing

– phil is using primesense cameras & razer hydra

philip does faces!
philip does faces!

– ebbe is having fun playing dress up:

ebbe old [yesterday?]
ebbe old [yesterday?]
ebbe new [uncanny?]
ebbe new [uncanny?]
virtual worlds best practices in education conference

who is this guy?
who is this guy?

our guest fleep tuque

– petrovsky flux from the spencer art museum, kansas [looks like a set from city of lost children!]

arkansas in second life

johnny cash home by wildstar beaumont
johnny cash home by wildstar beaumont

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

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music by oblee

special thanks to kaleo for providing the station id this week.

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  1. Ciaran Laval says:

    Philip is such a good talker, he really engages people. High Fidelity is certainly an interesting venture but it will face many challenges and one of those challenges will be the social aspect, Second Life has such a huge advantage there. World Of Warcraft has a similar advantage in the MMO stakes.

    Great tune to end the show with.

  2. Great show, I enjoyed this one about Philip Rosedale. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about Ebbe Linden keynotes speech. 🙂

  3. Yordie says:

    Another great show, Drax & Jo. I enjoyed listening to Philip Rosedale weaving his magic web around me, but I feel a bit betrayed by the trust I put in Philip in the past. He is well studied and his point of view reinvigorates my hopes for a future virtual world, but…

    The magic stuff is exciting but Philip has express, even recently, that he is creating “a laboratory”. The lab environment is a wonderful place to play if you are a leading edge developer or builder, but it sucks if you are someone who is expecting something resembling a customer friendly product or service.

    When I listen to Philip, I hear more evidence that he’s all about implementing technologies that fit into his own vision of the way people should interact. I haven’t forgotten the narrow opinion he has about the current users of Second Life. He continues to fail to understand that the world he created is not the world he envisioned.

    He also left SL incomplete, very much “a lab” with many unresolved problems. And for the most part, the leaders who followed Philip had even narrower points of view. Naturally, Ebbe gets a pass for the coming year.

  4. isfullofcrap says:

    Interesting show, thank you for sharing this. Listened while walking along San Antonio Riverwalk and had a few “SERIOUSLY?” moments.

    Philip’s attack on the 2-D mouse & keyboard combo was rather odd. He jumped straight to Hydra and motion-control. However, he skips the intermediate step of the SpaceNavigator and similar 3D space navigating equipment.

    Maybe the investors trust Philip to create the spine and currency for a user-hosted/managed virtual space, but how many potential customers and educators would trust him at this point?

    Glad to hear Fleep getting over the fangirl phase and remaining skeptical of promises that just don’t fit the needs and wants of educators.

    Looking forward to listening to Ebbe’s keynote and Q&A in full… lots of interesting quotes and reactions hitting the social media, but once again, with so many letdowns in the past from CEO-of-the-day honeymooners, I remain “acta, non verba.”


  5. Jerry says:

    Eventhough Philip seems to focus on avatar interaction and hardware gadgets, I think the really intersting stuff is the open source part and that people can host their own stuff. Second Life has 2 huge problems, one is the high price for land. While land, a place to call home that the user has built himself, is a key factor in really making people attached to the world. Being able to host my own land, I can finally build a game similar to Linden Realm without having to pay tens of thousants of USD for land. The other big problem is lag. Philip seems to solve that problem as well. I am very excited about HiFi.

  6. Medhue says:

    Well, I’m impressed with Phil’s new venture. I was skeptical from the start, but this very much does look vastly interesting. Plus, it supports FBX, and I think content creators will be happy. That was the aspect that was so fuzzy with the early on.

    Uncanny valley, I’ve always questioned it’s validity. There are many factors. 1 of the primary factors, I think, is being familiar and experience with 3D characters. So, some1 like myself that works with 3d characters and animation every day, is not as affected by Uncanny Valley as much as some newbie that new just walks into a 3D environment. To me, it’s that lack of experience seeing it, that is the biggest factor. The other part is the fear that is inherit in the technology that people don’t know what is real, and it freaks them out to not know, even for a breif second, if they are in reality or not. Many fear not being able to tell the difference. When the difference is vast, then it is more comfortable to many. Other people love the realism, and want to be immersed.

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