show #15: reconnecting with education

show #15
show #15

i am sure we can all agree that education in virtual worlds – the immersion into science, art and/or history – is one of the most important “unique affordances” of second life [and other such platforms].

only natural then for the new regime at linden lab to emphasize their eagerness to embrace the diverse community of educators once again, especially in light of the resurgence of vr. we have highlights of ceo ebbe altberg’s keynote at vwbpe and some great analysis from two teachers straight from the trenches.

plus of course: oculus, facebook, machinima and all that other jazz…. listen & learn:

and now: let’s read and learn even more [after you subscribe to the show on stitcher, please?]:

– congratz to bine rodenberger and neo cort for winning a leap motion!

true player gear competes with oculus rift

gameface labs has a mobile hmd almost ready to go

– more reading on oculus from rolling stone, cnn & just in case you have extra $$$ = google glass explorer program launches

a dummy head for the oculus age
a dummy head for the oculus age

– immersive concerts are next with binaural audio and 360 hmd facilitated visuals

– some background on dummy head recording [aka kunstkopf technik]

– who is building the metaverse? top players [and ll is among them!]

– ebbe altberg’s keynote in complete transcript & in full video/audio

our ceo is matt damon [yeah!!!]
our ceo is matt damon [yeah!!!]
– ebbe’s avatar will be avail for noobs soon[ish]

– our guests liz falconerstylianos mystakidis & should you want an ma in vw = check this out!

these nice folks [around liz] teach sl academically
these nice folks [around liz] teach sl academically
– call for papers: can vr and ar applications deliver missing ingredients for effective, deep learning in distance education?

hole in the wall project

strawberry singh’s flat ebbe meme

ebbe aka matt and me looking for ben
ebbe aka matt and me looking for ben

– fb/oculus nightmare:

– time traveler part 6:

– Jo’s “ghosts of history” project

augmented reality ghosts...
augmented reality ghosts…


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  1. Thank you for the clip from Ebbe’s talk with the educator’s group in SL and especially your interview with those folks afterwards — very interesting! Our theater company — Avatar Repertory Theater, the oldest surviving theater group in SL btw — did some scenes from our full length Shakespeare production of The Tempest for their 2007 conference in SL, complete with Jubjub Forder’s beautiful steampunk set design.

    1. Madame!!! I MUST not forget to do an episode on your extraordinary work…..please spam me with emails with looong notice. I contact you to arrange production schedule regardless though!

  2. Interesting to read LL is taking an interest in education again! I came to SL as an educator and quickly found other things to do as the drive to use SL for education died. I have reserved my original avatar for education in the event there is a resurgence. Will have to tune in to this episode after school today! 😉

    1. Ebbe is very aware of the importance to win back educators and SL has the affordances like no other place to be the best place to put forth experiential learning in innovative ways. Next mini documentary is about that topic, coming May 2nd.

      1. I look forward to not only how Ebbe will revive the educational side of the grid but to the next mini documentary! Thank you! 🙂

  3. C.A. Simone says:

    Ok, I’ve not listened to the whole clip yet, but coming to the section of SL’s stance of being the free creative platform. Where it was brought up about where? Are the people creating their own shows or entertainment? Well I can see how this can escape attention, but there are millions, all over youtube creating their own shows and forms of entertainment. In actuality “force fed” TV is very much being abandoned as the main go to for idle time. Many are opting instead for this more peer to peer form of “entertainment interaction”. At least with many teens, young adults and the techie suave. When VR becomes more center stage, I think these creative type of youtubers, will take advantage of the additional creative platform and the audiences who prefer a more down to earth entertainer, one whom they may actually have the opportunity to be vocal with or even friends with… they will also gravitate to the more creative platform. … okies I will continue on with my listen. 🙂

    1. Jo Yardley says:

      Absolutely, but that is what I was saying.
      The majority still prefer ready made entertainment, while millions use youtube to make their own, billions still just watch regular tv.
      This is changing though and we have to keep an eye on that.

  4. C.A. Simone says:

    That was a great episode. I agree about google glass being a social faux pas, I would be bothered very much so too, trying to engage in a conversation with someone wearing that. It’s another thing though if a person is going to be walking down the street with it by themselves though, using it for directions or something. Some awesome points brought up all around, would be interesting to see LL do a side shoot of a game or two within SL. Something complex, perhaps in a serious and “promoted” collaboration with perhaps a developer like Mad Pea. See if they can bate more gamers in-world. As for educational retention, great point brought up and the sentiment of why wouldn’t an educator “Not” want to do that makes perfect sense. Should be pushed in every direction we can.

    1. draxfiles says:

      We can all make a difference by talking to educators in our community and share the great examples of what folks do in-world!

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