show #283: dipping toes into south asian spec fic & loving it!

show #283

today two writers from south asia, also friends and colleagues as well as warriors in the battle for acceptance by the indian/sri lankan publishing world for the great talent that they are plus for respect of the genre they choose to “dabble” in: yudhanja wijeratne and indrapramit das write fascinating speculative fiction, scifi, fantastical sprawling fairy tales and everything in between in their refreshingly unique voices. today we talk a lot about books, the creative process, paralyzing covid anxiety and ai poetry, however we touch very little on the relationship between politics, activism and art [shame on me and the racing clock, alas we shall do a special show on this topic i promise, maybe even a recurring show!].

enjoy, pick up a book [perhaps even audio?], and join the conversation in-world when we revisit the south asian scene soon!

and now read on as we have plenty for diving deep on the blog today:

  • the original live stream from the book club island moon base:
  • the post-game hangout with good conversation continued, only interrupted by bad dance moves, loud bollywood music and fireworks because yudha’s birthday was happening too …
  • the last question i asked on the live show was “what is wrong with facebook” [as yudha’s “numbercaste” dives deep into the issue of global dominance of us-based social networks, way past most people’s complaints like “i see posts by auntie joanie which i don’t like but i don’t see uncle jack in my timeline updates on top anymore for some reason”] = of course something this broad can not be answered in our format, so here is some further introductory reading via yudha’s links in this thread:
  • for more on yudha’s work in policy research/activism = check out lirneasia and watchdog sri lanka + watch his talk on [digital] disinformation in his home country:
  • since yudha is among other things producing papers on the future of work = remember when sl was touted as such, under the obama administration? blast from the past [when i still was an obama fan boy …] i reported on it:
  • on the other side of our “array” of multi-talented guests = indra is also an artist and i just noticed how GOOD he is …
  • art reminds me of the graphic novel version of duerrenmatt’s “der verdacht”

  • what else is happening in second life? you guessed it: furries are coming to the made in sl series ….

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