show #284: when all is said …

show #284

anne griffin‘s “when all is said” is a powerful meditation on the nature of the beauty and pain of human existence: a 84-year old irish man who came to riches from his poor farming background reflects on opportunities missed, mistakes made, relationships cherished and lost and all the obsessive grudges that he now realizes drove him to miss several chances to be kind and heal old wounds.
enjoy a deep dive with anne who embodies as a bird in second life because? why not:

and now some more food for thought below once you are done listening:

  • the original live stream including our book club island vanishing and reappearing [only in virtuality are we able to find our drinks untouched after a complete reboot of reality]:
  • impressions from before the show, mid and after [do not fear = the irish pub, the barn and the farm house are still up on book club island for your enjoyement ….]
  • there is the story of a coin which is woven throughout the novel and it is an exquisite thread. the coin has arguably enormous power and, as anne reveals in our conversation, had somewhat of a spell on her as well. there is some real history to it. click the image below and read [after or before you read her novel!]
  • anne worked with the dyslexia foundation in ireland. this is a topic we frequently discuss on the book club around the whole “shaming” that can go on, at a young age in school and how this can prevent folks from enjoying reading their entire lives …. found this interesting video:
  • i learned that anne griffin has never read “infinite jest” by david foster wallace and so i am sharing our project from last year in virtuality: reading from the book, once a week, for an hour. yes we stopped on page 250 something because the viewership was minus 5 and youtube called and wanted their time back ….. 😉
  • on a related note in regards to being ability diverse: i remind folks frequently and i feel no shame: ourdigitalselves has been out for 2+ years and people are still adding their stories in the youtub comment section which is wonderful!
  • what else is happening in second life you ask? well … book club is humming along with amazing authors lining out through the parking lot [is there such a thing?]
  • what is up next on the book club? a panel on the bad, worse and the worst of social media! come and learn what to do in the battle against the attention economy!

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