show #281: jules rivera ruins graphic novels [not!]

show #281

we learned a lot about jules rivera this last book club [and we also learned what a neckbeard is btw!] ….

… however the most important information shared was that she does not want to be called an artist because at parties that opens a can of worms. her preferred label is sequential illustrator is that right? whatever it may be: jules’ art is inspiring and her wit is as well … enjoy a conversation about going from doing a 9-5 office gig for the defense industry to having a bio page on the king features website coz you know … mark trail!

and now for more to look at because graphic novels [not just black dots on white paper books stuff this week]:

  • the original live stream:
  • a few impressions from jules’ work in and out of sl:
  • the jules rivera gallery was built by marianne mccann and is still out there on book club island!
  • what else is happening in sl? so happy that strawberry decided to use her voice to carry this week’s dg video!
  • on a non sl/vw note = the zappa movie is coming … if i disappear for a while = that would be the reason … [vod coming 11/27 i can not wait!]
  • next book club? drax will be a villain !!!

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