show #279: wow to live safely in … charles yu’s head?

show #279

i discovered a new writer and he is not that new but i am very slow and my to-read stack still contains tons of mandatory german classics my late mother has forced on me, way back during my teen years … [wish i had a time machine to mark those as read]

schnell lesen aber gleich !!!

ok the last part is not true but the question of what is true and what we just tell ourselves to influence our narrative in positive or self-destructive ways, what agency we have over our identities, motivations, our past, our destiny: these are themes that charles yu looks at in a really deep yet very entertaining way, in a way that makes you [or maybe just me!!] want to order a lot of books on philosophy … thank you ann vandermeer for introducing me to charles’ work, especially that book about a time machine repair man, who is in search for his missing-in-time father ….

excerpt from “How to live safely in a Science Fictional Universe” [2010]

and now without any further ado: here is the show with charles [including a very special cold reading of a scene from “interior chinatown”, a finalist for the national book award]:

and as usual, after the listening pleasure, here is some contextual material you may want to explore:

  • the original live stream from the sl book club:
  • rehearsing “interior chinatown” with shyla reading the part of “green” and me reading both “turner” and “special guest star” aka willis wu:
  • a look behind the scenes of the scene being built last minute by arduenn [who once was a molecular biologist ….]
  • very strange = on the day of the live show an avatar by the name “the real charles yu” can clearly be seen in the audience behind charles on stage …. who is who? is he real? what is real? am i real?
  • kaleo read some stuff in the beginning, that robot punk of a kid … [he translates from german to english in real time though …]
  • since i don’t watch tv i found out last minute that charles writes for that show with yul brynner …. oh wait he is not in “westworld” on hbo? anyways: charles is everywhere, even on the daily show with trevor noah:
  • charles made me remember that my rl alter ego has a youtube channel with music that was inspired by similar themes as his books …
  • on another note: one of the next book club shows in december is exciting. all avatars are assembled = we will talk the bad, the worst and the ugly of social media …
  • what else is happening in second life you ask? oh i am working on something secretive that involves fab avatars … hush hush now ….
cayenne republic is one of my best actresses
  • almost forgot: next week on the book club? molly flatt!

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