show 267: fantasy literature = books vs tv?

show #267

the provocative dualistic title of today’s show is chosen to maximize roi [return on investment] on internet searches of course. but fear not: within the one hour + discussion there is much more wisdom from fran wilde, rj barker and tad williams on the role and impact, the craft and joy of reading and writing contemporary fantastic literature. enjoy:

and now onward dear reader/viewer to more contextual information:

  • the original livestream
  • the wonderful postgame hangout [with tad’s lips moving!!]
  • the special venue [which we will most definitely reuse!!] was built by the great solas

  • if you missed tad williams with his scanned rl head and his mandril avatar = we had him as guest in sansar last year:
  • the reading list for today’s show is up as well …

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 10.47.27 AM

  • speaking of the written word = coming up soon to #madeinSL = poetry with shyla!!

  • since we all love strawberry linden we always wonder: what does she do besides running the camera on the book club? here is a clue: she hangs with old school dudes !!!


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