show 266: cosmic horror with premee mohamed

show #266

writer premee mohamed is our guest today. her novel “beneath the rising” follows two young protagonists who travel from canada to tunisia and iraq in search of magic to combat unspeakable horrors from another dimension that try to crawl back into power to dominate our planet and no: this book is not a transcript of your morning newscast…

premee started [like drax] as a fan of h.p. lovecraft only to learn that the man held despicable racist views that not only informed his conduct in “real” life but influenced his fiction, the language, the plot, the subtext/text as well.

enjoy a wide-ranging discussion on a genre that we should most definitely should call cosmic horror [great read from book riot on the topic] rather than lovecraftian fiction [drax is learning and looking at wikipedia which still has a interchangeable header].

read on dear listener, broaden your horizon and chime in:

  • the original livestream with premee:
  • the unlisted post-game for in-worlders only:
  • reading list for today:

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 11.15.47 AM.png

  • premee in real life has no tentacles growing out of her back … [well maybe she is hiding them?]
  • great conversation with the chapo traphouse guys on the problematic [to put it mildy!!] legacy of hp lovecraft:
  • fascinating read from damon a. young on the relationship between conan writer robert e. howard and lovecraft:

  • lovecraft’s life philosophy is known as “cosmicism” – i think he was the original doomster = he would probably demonstrate against government “intrusion on freedom” without a mask in berlin [this past sunday … sorry it is depressing]


  • sorry had to post this here but thug notes is the BEST [for all literary needs]:
the time a drax dragon read kafka in vr …..
  • as i found out premee also had purchased a cheap necronomicon in her teenage years. i did that over a decade before her and we thought abdul alhazred was the real deal … i wish i still had mine … ah well … these days you can actually make your own:
  • what is happening in second life? vampires are coming tomorrow tuesday and drax will keep his outfit for another few days …

  • what is up on book club next week? awesomeness + a special venue designed by solas!!!!

  • and lastly = a “virtual” worldcon happened apparently [since i am confined to sl i did not notice] and a award winner by the name of sl huang [no relation!] tweeted interesting stuff about the dominance of an olde guard at the con:

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