show #236: infinite detail

show #236

tim maughan is a british-born author, journalist & artist, now based in canada,  and he penned a powerful debut novel with “infinite detail”. drax is obsessed with the ar/vr component of it and the deep questions about surveillance capitalism, classism, urban gentrification & art/music as savior of humanity are just icing[s] on the cake. want to be “woke” my friends? read this one and listen to the show where less than 5 min in mr. maughan calls the boy genius behind the oculus rift goggles a [expletive] fascist. now this is the kind of discourse we need more often! enjoy:

and now read and watch on my friends. but not before that you better order tim’s book!

  • original live stream of the conversation
  • tim mentions palmer …

  • tim’s avatar is courtesy of silas merlin, whose artistry is inspiring every single day ….
  • if you can’t bother to read tim’s book and want to know what the issue with late-stage capitalism is? read this tweet!

  • in re tim mentioning aoc exposing oil companies knowledge of climate change [depressing …]
  • we mention black mirror & this is drax’ fave episode, no longer avail on youtube as a straight rip however mediated society style as a reaction composite with “mama dee”
  • we mentioned palmer a while back on this very podcast


  • we mention jg ballard because he is so important and relevant [and drax is reading high-rise atm]
  • what is happening on the escapism front in sl [open to all classes as long as you have high-speed internet]? well … surfing don’t you know?
  • also in sansar: did a quick vid on cubefall which i do love:

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. mojopiblog says:

    You should have shown Tim my Music Setup at the Harvest Park. He would have loved the VR Looper and Mixer.

    1. draxfiles says:

      oh yes yes yes!! You have to read this book = the role music plays is fabulous.

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