show #235: drax files book club = community pivot

show #235

as linden lab has announced recently – using a favorite word in silicon valley “slang” – they would “pivot” with sansar to focus on events rather than questing and other things.

and frankly drax as a self-proclaimed hardcore non-gamer is ecstatic because standing around and talking is his core brand proposition…

ok enough talking about me in the third person, let’s be serious: at 114 harvest we have been doing a bunch of different events & we shall continue to do so. today a little glimpse – for the uninitiated – in to our weekly bookclub event. enjoy a lively discussion with minimal shouting at each other:

and since lovers of the written word run this podcast, see below a few more items to read for context:

  • kurt vonnegut’s “harrison bergeron” was discussed today:
  • the original livestream of the book club:
  • we talked tom holt who is certifiably insane in a good way:

  • we talk a bit “catch-22” [ a drax favorite!] = great interview with joseph heller below:
  • speaking of books = tim maughan is scheduled to be in sansar this coming friday & on the podcast on monday:

  • what is new in second life? veteran’s day as we go to air!
  • what is coming to second life? well …. more fashion, specifically mesh heads from LOGO ….

  • oh one more in re pivoting [and silicon valley marketing lingo] – cue weird al:

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