show #173: too many worlds, too many draxes

show #173.png
show #173

many social vr worlds are out there, some built around vr with desktop an afterthought, some keeping in mind that there should be equal access for users from a variety of backgrounds. some full of energetic teenagers, some worlds dominated by art and commerce.

we have not been back to hifi for a while – we reported many times, please do check the podcast archives – so as jo yardley is still figuring out her broadband in the dutch countryside, strawberry singh and i went back and there were some issues of performance and ui…

luckily a prominent vw god has reached out to clarify and update us on what is new and cooking with hifi right after we wrapped the live stream! enjoy:

and some more viewing materials to deepen the knowledge:

  • our last podcast on hifi:
  • philip on their blockchain approach to content protection/monetization:

  • drax still waiting for the banks to open [damn you timezones!]
hifi bank.PNG
banker tom is not present
  • a few pics from the tour:
  • our foray into hifi with all the issues [uncut!]
  • the two co-founders of vrchat in 2015 [right around the time i met them too = i hope i get unblocked soon …. ]

  • vrchat interview from 2016 – among other thingies!
  • philip asks if we have kids = i do have ONE and he is a good reporter too:
  • philip about zuckerberg’s claim in re running servers in a centralized fashion:

  • strawberry and i hop on ye olde atlas as every week:

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

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thumbnail by justin esparza

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