show #174: kelvind & a deep dive into the social of vr

show 174.png
show #174

kelvind kramer is a long time dabbler in virtual worlds and a deep thinker among those who enjoy digital universes of meditated as well as immersive exposure.

not a silicon valley insider but rather a ham radio operator and fisherman among so many other things his thoughts on why people “play” different gender, age and race in vr, why immersive VWs possibly enhance social anxiety and why we need invisible avatar in sansar yesterday, are probably equal if not more valid than the ones uttered by the social scientists du jour…


some more reading/viewing material below:

  • kelvin in rl and sl = the resemblance…uncanny:
kelvin in both worlds.png
kelvin in both [relevant] worlds
  • the original convo with kelvin in the live-stream = he looks good don’t he?
  • kelvin mentions reggie watts in altspace:
  • identity and virtual worlds = a gem from the past with former ll exec robin harper and [can you believe it] mark zuckerberg [among others] !!!
  • can’t share this enough = teaser for “our digital selves” = will be reshooting rl this week..
  • in other worlds = the brand new sansar hoverderby trailer is out:
  • adam frisby is not pro blockchain [we will get philip in there to debate him soon!]:

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 10.47.59 AM.pnggood stuff as every year at vwbpe but we had a scheduling issue so no in-depth interview this time….

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