show #159: identity

show #159.jpg
show #159

a show about identity in virtual worlds with guest millay freschi who reminds us that second life still [by far!!] has the most diverse avatar population in the virtuality category out there in digital culture! enjoy:

and read on if you will coz contextual links are found below:


  • edward castranova is also mentioned in the conversation:
  • our digital selves is mentioned and drax engaged on twitter on the subject with disability activists:

  • trailers and unlisted teasers below:
  • animesh is almost here [according to medhue]
  • and lastly we would be amiss not to mention atlas hopping with strawberry singh:


the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

the show is supported by time portal, slartist, warbug, bay city you know for kids, zero-one heavy industries corporation, hextraordinary, ionic, maven homes, gizza creations, botanical, strawberry singh, abranimations, aeros avatars, kahruvel design, the cube republic, {what next}, landscapes unlimited, fallen gods incorporated and death row designs.

thumbnail by justin esparza

contact the show via skype draxfiles, avatar draxfiles or email

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