show #160: richard bartle telling stories

show #160
show #160

today a edited version of a delphi talk from the space virtual world with richard a. bartle, the father of all of us enthusiastic virtual people. and he has not paid a dime of child support for me probably because i have not visited the drax files studio in space for months now…

but seriously: richard created the first multi user dungeon – a text based vw – and went on to write the seminal book on vw design. this edited talk goes deep into different gamer types and richard has some deep thoughts about where the train is headed in the headset era. enjoy:

linkage to deepen the subject below:


  • mud website = you can still get an account now [drax is playing too]:


  • richard’s taxonomy of gamer types courtesy extra credit:
  • the original streamed version of the talk from space:
  • meanwhile in another world: our second life THE WELL adventure was scary in a mud like way with lots of text:
  • breaking news: tech press has a sl article out that is superficial and drenched in stereotypes…

  • jo’s time portal is thriving:

  • where is palmer luckey? larry rosenthal found out:

  • xaos princess from hifi was in amsterdam at vrdays and we will talk to her next week about it!

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production ofย basicdrax entertainment.

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