show #227:the dark dark fantasy of ksenia anske

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show #227

russian-born seattle resident ksenia anske writes young adult dark fantasy. her concise novels are deep and dangerous and escapist fare they are most certainly not but rather brave examinations of the [teenage] human condition, wrapped in gorgeous packages: ksenia’s entire marketing strategy from layout to end-reader delivery is a great example of how to navigate self-publishing today and become successful with a unique style in prose and presentation.  enjoy a engaging conversation about broaching tough subject matters and making beautiful books. enjoy:

and below as per usual a few audio/visual items as well as stuff to read for context:

  • the original unedited livestream from sansar:









  • the REAL ksenia on site at vrgoseattle:










  • my anske shelf at home [sandwiched between good other stuff]


  • a few highlights of the conversation:








  • i mentioned that ksenia’s work reminds me of the masters of magical realism = gabriel garcia marquez and jorge luis borges – here are some good primers on those folks:
















  • what else is happening with drax? is he working on something secret? a video perhaps?


  • what is happening in sl? well: non-profit collaboration to save animals:



  • what is happening in sansar? well: also something quite green to match the sl video:
  • what happens at atlas hopping stays on youtube or twitter coz … well: the kids ..




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