show #225: cat sparks on writing awesome cli-eco-dysto-fi

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show #225

cat sparks is an award-winning australian scifi writer [among many other artistic talents] & drax was alerted to her wonderful writing by #114harvest community member daisy gator [i believe her words were “you have to get cat on! she is fantastic!!!]. as a compliant read-a-holic drax devoured “lotus blue” as well as cat’s short story collection “the bride price”. enjoy a wonderful conversation about the process, the responsibilities and the impact [or lack thereof?] of writing speculative fiction:

and here is more to read and look at:

  • the original livestream incl our attempt to get to another instance via hastily rezzed portal:
  • a few highlight clips via twitch:

  • cat is a graduate of the key west literary seminar that featured margaret atwood [can we get her on the show please?]

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  • next up on #draxtorreads across the metaverse? lara donnelly ! ! !

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  • what else is happening in sansar apart from hanging with fab authors? ahhh yes = music >>> the monstercat event was HUGE indeed:
  • on the sansar creator profile front anything new? well glad you ask = i give you fabeeo breen [finally!]
  • anything happening in sl? glad you asked = one of drax’ vids is close to cracking 1 million views …

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