show #111: the state of vr = ready for primetime? [pt1]

show #111
show #111

our guests josh farkas and rob crasco discuss – when they get a word in edge-wise – what the state of consumer vr is in april 2016 vis-a-vis sl.


linkage below:

our one live audience member silas merlin
our one live audience member silas merlin
one of the most important thinkers of today= evgeny morozov
one of the most important thinkers of today= evgeny morozov
aral balkan on the future we must avoid
aral balkan on the future we must avoid
  • drax checked it out too:
a creepy fabryflozz72 burt at the interview
a creepy fabryflozz72 burt at the interview
breaking news = vr talk shows are happening...
breaking news = vr talk shows are happening…
  • the foo show: the FIRST vr talkshow?
  • new world tropes’ hamlet having “virtual second thoughts” on the wsj opinion pages [thankfully behind a pay wall!]
  • drax on non profit commons panel eyed by a real life surveillance person…
drax and rhiannon mixed realities
drax and rhiannon mixed realities

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  1. Kris Spade says:

    Excellent show! The only thing I disliked about it was that I already heard 90% of it as I watched the interview on YouTube a few days ago. I look forward to next week. 🙂

  2. VR is happening now on such a larger and more diverse scale that comparing it to the days when SL emerged is silly.

    1. draxfiles says:

      I think the comparison is very valid in terms of silicon valley and venture capital dominating the coverage: it is an exercise in how capitalism works. and actually more importantly like we did with jonathon last week is to look at the whole history of attempts to push vr into the mainstream over the past 40 years!

  3. mirrorworld says:

    Blue mars was based on Cryengine2. (graphics-engine). Search for “Far Cry”, on youtube, to see graphics.
    Blue Mars was simply to big a mouthful, for most Second Life users computer.
    Amazon’s “Lumberyard” is based on Unreal Engine, similar grafichs capabilities, as Blue mars.
    The content/world “Lumberyard”-sampels you can download, has filesizes of 1.4-6 GB of data.
    Widespread adoption will only depend the immersive part. But also technical issues, like user-hardware, download-size etc.
    Apart from the average user needs to buy a new computer (to get high frame-rates), it looks to me, that first “generation” of VR-worlds, wont be “teleport’able”, like Second life.

    And “tabloid journalism” is a way better word then “yellow journalism” 😀

  4. cainmaven says:

    Great show! I agree that empowering users to create their own content is key, but equally important (and sometimes overlooked) is to allow user *modifiable* content.
    Not everyone will have the skills, time, or interest to build their own mega-mansion from scratch, but many will want to buy one and then make mods to turn it into their own space. The same of course goes for landscaping, furniture, clothes and what have you.
    SL does provide for this to some extent, but it’s far from a complete or easy-to-use solution. An environment that would let users reshape mesh and texture and color to their heart’s content would have a huge leg up with the tinkerers (and they are legion) of our virtual worlds.

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