show #91: celia pearce on everything!!

show #91
show #91

celia pearce teaches game design and game history, she is a pirate in second life, wrote books on play and digital communities & of course co-founded the indiecade festival which is going on in los angeles right as we are posting this very show.

enjoy a candid conversation with an important thinker in the space of games and virtual worlds:

and some reading material for AFTER you return from indiecade:

celia pearce [pic courtesy of her fb]
celia pearce [pic courtesy of her fb]
& celia in there dot com:

celia in there
celia in there
  • virtual adventures: “the loch ness expedition” [produced by iwerks entertainment and evans & sutherland. creative director: celia pearce]

virtual adventures
virtual adventures
celia's vw survey = other world? is there one?
celia’s vw survey = other world? is there one?
ivan sutherland and the sword of damocles
ivan sutherland and the sword of damocles
myst [looks like fantasy faire in sl]
myst [looks like fantasy faire in sl]
  • our show with nonny on immersive journalism:
  • celia mentions killer queen arcade
  • touched on it tangentially: gamer gate and men’s rights movement = bad bad bad…
  • are games bad?
  • weird sl? vintage drax = adoption in a virtual world [disclaimer: jerky n00b camera!]

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music by bd.

thumbnail by justin esparza.

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  1. lokieliot says:

    Very interesting interview. I’ve known for a while now that I’m not a mainstream gamer. For example i got Assassins Creed black flag for PS3 and was excited to to some ‘proper gaming’. I soon discovered though that i was perhaps not the target demography when i unknowingly went ‘off piste’. I spent a good half hour sneaking around a fort only to realise after i had killed everyone that it wasn’t yet time to attack the fort so nothing happened. So grumbling i went on with the game and stumbled upon a group of pirates. I dispatched them HA ARGHHH, only to find that I’m not suppose to dispatch them until later. It was at that point i stopped playing because i got bored.

    One of my favourite things about second life is that anyone can drop anything into the world. Unless the region is set to no rez.

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