show 231: waste tide

qiufan chen was a tech entrepreneur in the vr field no less before writing a perfect novel for our present day. “waste tide” was released in china back in 2013 and just this year appeared in english as well as in german translation. the novel reads like a documentary with a james bond type international thriller…

show #124: ocd at oc3

are people getting tired of oculus? no fear: half of the show deals with second life and panoramic photos and videos. enjoy: and now for the visual stuff:   our guest deeprifter aka chris madsen from morph3d I used to pride myself on playing every VR experience. Those days are long gone and that's awesome….

show #86: curious george

back in the glorious days of ’08 the scilands archipelago of sims was home to MICA which stands for meta-institute for computational astrophysics. among many thriving exhibits run by a number of other institutions, MICA held public lectures and was focused on communicating with the enthusiastic science “amateur”. our guest today is curious george aka caltech professor…

show #77: no show but a phil filler

“nomen est omen” as we folks who studied latin for years back in high school would say: and to reiterate: we are doing this show for YOU guys, please support us & thank you! now the floor over to the doc: the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment….

show #76: tom

a new experiment on today’s show: we are sharing the raw material which will result in a [hopefully] compelling mini documentary video about digital ethnographer tom boellstorff. enjoy: and read on: – tom interviewed on geelab: – crazy #immersiveDrax meme – started by loki eliot from the original pic….. ….he made this one: Could not help…