the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley]

broadcasting without permission from an attic somewhere in Berlin [about the metaverse – naturally!]

show #214: fantasy faire 2019 and going …

fantasy faire in second lifeĀ , open since april 18th, has already raised almost 10 million linden dollars. is that not insane and amazing that essentially digital immersive art, populated and … Continue reading

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show #213: fantasy faire 2019

as of its third day counting, fantasy faire 2019 in second life has raised 3,487,572 l$ which amounts to 13,950 us$ for the american cancer society. how did they do … Continue reading

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show #212: open mic = the killer app …

today – as news come in that high fidelity is making severe changes due to lack of adoption in the social vr space – i humbly present a small success … Continue reading

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show #211: vw best practices in edu

the annual virtual worlds best practices in education conference happened over this past weekend and it was full of wonderful thought-provoking keynote speeches, lectures and panel discussions. the “our digital … Continue reading

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show #210: vr facing off in rl: are you game?

    well it was about time: my “nemesis” from high fidelity – xaos princess as she calls herself – and i met at a local restaurant to battle it … Continue reading

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show #209: so what about engagevr?

today we are hanging out in engagevr with chris madsen and mike armstrong. fascinating platform geared towards educators with solid management and curriculum design tools. enjoy: here is more for … Continue reading

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show #208: virtual babies

the zooby animesh baby is coming and a new drax files mini documentary exploring family roleplay is coming april 20th [oh heck it is 4/20 somewhere alright …]. in preparation … Continue reading

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