the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley]

broadcasting without permission from an attic somewhere in Berlin [about the metaverse – naturally!]

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show 188: oblee talks everything + makes music …

a conversation with musician oblee whereby we log into the sl welcome area and also do not shy away from addressing sansar …. enjoy:   more material to digest below: … Continue reading

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show #187: james from janusvr on metaverse unity

james baicoianu is the principal engineer at janusvr, yet another offering in the crowded field of social vr although james will elaborate why his company is many many more things … Continue reading

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show #186: sl15b and counting …

a live uncut panel from sl15b [with viewers tuning in from sansar at the same time] >>> yes: sl is 15 now, a energetic teenager, still searching, still imagining. centered. … Continue reading

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show #185: space opera [with catherynne]

catherynne m. valente was in the house/basement in sansar. she has written¬† a whole bunch of books in the fantasy and speculative fiction genre. drax only read one so far: … Continue reading

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show #184: frau jo is back [and she talks sansar]

jo is back. nothing more needs to be said because she is more opinionated than ever. about sansar in particular. enjoy: and a few links below: sansar has some cool … Continue reading

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show #183: donna davis on our digital selves

professor donna z. davis is program director at the school of journalism and communication at the university of oregon. she is one of the researchers depicted in the drax files … Continue reading

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show #182: our digital selves = my avatar is me!

the film is out. i am exhausted. i am proud of my team. please watch it and comment and thank you! enjoy the meta discussion too: and more links: our … Continue reading

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