show #320: brothers in blood with amer anwar

show #320

amer anwar is guest on the book club today. his debut novel “brothers in blood” tells the story best friends zaq and jags who get sucked into a violent conspiracy in their south asian immigrant neighborhood of southall [a suburb in the west of london].

very cool fast-paced and excellently plotted “escapist” thriller fare, which nontheless had drax read with wikipedia wide open right next to the book, brushing up on sikhism and the indian partition of 1947. such is the beauty of immersing oneself into a delicious genre ride that takes place in a milieu foreign to one’s own: it expands the horizon, if you want that or not. enjoy:

and more material for context below:

  • the original livestream
  • the post show hangout
  • a few of shyla’s great slides [including one we did not use = punjab region context for your further exploring of history/geography!]
  • we will keep talking about the power structure within the publishing industry [read: discriminating against writers of color], and yes: i will bring this up with white guests in the future as well … onward to more diverse business that represents all stories!
  • what else is happening in second life? a wonderful story about artist tucker stilley is coming tomorrow:
  • and then more is happening but i can’t tell you or i’d have to expel you from sl, into a terrible exile … maybe roblox? …..patience and you will see!

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