show #318: a few pints at skyward inn

aliya whiteley has written a wonderfully strange novel about human/alien relationships, centered around a pub and a mysterious drink called “jarrowbrew” that facilitates becoming one with our past and our future, maybe – if you drink enough of the stuff – it is even able to collapse geographies? …..

incredible how aliya was able to squeeze into “skyward inn” so many ruminations about the human condition, about societal organization, about war and peace into this fairly slim volume [as you know: draxtor usually prefers doorstoppers like “infinite jest” and such … see below ….. some recordings are still around somewhere on the webz] .

can we overcome our separation anxiety as we assimilate to alien culture or are the qitans simply accepting our individualistic society, past colonizing and such? what does it mean to be truly alone, truly together? what are we willing to give up for the collective good?

so many questions to ponder and the biggest one that i could see after reading: are we ready to give up virtual reality and live on a farm, just to be closer to our true selfe and nature itself?

enjoy the journey from not knowing yourself to kind of knowing the true you [and a bit past that …. in a unsettling way!]

and now some more reading/viewing material to deepen the insights:

  • the original livestream
  • aliya’s journey through genres and formats of the literary world (a slide prepared by shyla) …..
  • new month = new roundup of authors on the sl book club ….
  • what else is happening in second life? a bit of scotland, that’s what:

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