show #316: boy, everywhere!

show #316

today on the show am dassu with a wonderful book for upper middle grades: “boy, everywhere” tells the story of syrian teenager sami, who flees damascus in search for a peaceful place, where no bombs threaten him and his family, a place where his 5-year old sister may get well after experiencing major trauma.

the book is a fabulous example how great stories can create deep empathy: the journey is full of peril and the destination country is not welcoming sami’s family with open arms …

enjoy a great conversation that hopefully resonates as much with you as it did with me:

  • the original live streamed show:
  • the post-stream hangout with our vip crowd:
  • a short “real life” introduction to the themes of the book with the physical embodiment of Az
  • shyla prepared some great slides including the series of google maps outlining the distance sami and his family traveled from damascus to manchester …
  • pre-war damascus was a bustling, modern city …
  • but a bombing at the local mall changes everything as sami hears it while in school …. there is no “going back to normal” for him!
  • some impressions from the readings and ruby’s set:
  • physical world context, happening now: the recent flooding in germany gave a little taste to the affluent middle class, how does it feel, losing everything. for germans who feel a [imho very false in light of global climate crises] sense of security, this flooding came as a shock and was met with “interesting” [to say the least] commentary … i give you a widely held sentiment, reeking of colonialism:
  • what else is happening? well … i am sweating, stressing, facing my anxiety, as my movie draft is approximately 200 minutes …. next: finish chapter 8 and 9, then first pre sfx assembly. wish me luck! film will be out in late october!

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