show #314: alex and awais walk into a bookstore …

show #314

two very different authors on the show today, from different parts of the world which is reflected in their works: good friends a.a.chaudhuri and awais khan are presenting their work today.

one novel a deep exploration of the classist society of pakistan and the other an investigation into the depraved world of a serial killer, roaming the streets of gentrified london … ahh well i guess there are inevitable similarities after all, namely the ubiquitous presence of capitalism, which, if not creating is at least facilitating a relentless patricharial system.

don’t fear though: you can totally enjoy these books without having to overanalyze every sentence/paragraph such as the draxtor mind is unfortunately hardwired to do … sigh …

and now please do read/watch on for more context below:

  • the original livestream
  • the post show hangout, poolside
  • shyla’s slides are always informative [don’t forget to visit awais’ “the writing institute” – very inspiring but more importantly: if someone has a few million US$ floating around = please transfer! I need to get a vacation home in Lahore!]
visit and don’t turn around because … stone ….
  • glad we redesigned the set from an earlier version at the lauren beukes moxyland world location ….
  • everyone seemed to have fun this time around …. perhaps the condition of “second life anxiety” is after all a lot less debilitationg as “zoom fatigue” ? also: second life is on tiktok [where the kids are!]

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