show #308: nietzsche and lars go to an asda in norwich …

show #308

what utter horror: we spent this week’s book club inside a classroom with a “no exit” sign on the only door, surrounded by cardboard cut-out suburban houses with happy people [also made of primwood!], big chain stores [asda anyone?], all watched over by the übermensch on the roof & a stoner metal band in the back while professor lars iyer lectured on german philosopher friedrich nietzsche ….

ok, i am kidding: this was probably the best book club ever as it doubled as a kind of exposure therapy [virtual style] since the milieu described by lars in his current “nietzsche and the burbs” is one i am very familiar with!

enjoy the show, treat yourself to this book [or lars’ back catalogue which is also superbly funny and deep!] & visit the set on book club island [hidden on lot 49 of course …]

now onward to further knowledge because lars sent us down a rabbit hole of it …

  • the original livestreamed show:
  • lars explains why nietzsche is important for his story and cannot be exchanged for another philosopher when a tale of alienated teens in current suburban circumstances is being discusse in a world where management of the inevitable chaos inherent in the human condition has become a fetish … you feel intimidated by the work of friedrich? fear not: ava has made a shirt for your sl avatar & lars recommends to start your reading journey with “twilight of the idols”. you will get smarter [or your free pdf can be returned at no cost!]
nietzsche and his works
nietzsche and his contemplation
  • during the show lars mentions a whole number of thinkers, authors and titles so consequently i have been sucked into the internet to make lists to add to the to-be-read pile and i found small publisher semiotext & cinema of transgression among other super interesting things …
  • and here is a must watch on korean-german philosopher byung-chul han‘s work [after you read some original nietzsche and reflect on it!!]
  • a last goodie that you can spot in-world as easter egg as well: my rocking [rotten?] teenage combo at a live show in a munich suburb. a theme in lars’ book is the deep friendship that we only encounter [for the most part!] as young people. this was certainly true for those few years of, well. suburban blandness and utter exhiliration through bonding in music ….

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