show #306: jonathan lethem enters yet another world!

show #306

jonathan lethem in the house, again, as yellow duck [as we find out the reason is hidden in plain sight of his story “forever, said the duck” from “the wall of the sky, the wall of the eye”].

we discuss “they live”, the great 80s movie by marxist scholar john carpenter, we find out about how to make loads of $$$ in a game called yet another world [is it a game?] & we also get a dose of post-apocalyptic bliss in a beach front village before “the arrest” commences … [did not even get around to talk zappa much in this episode of the book club … sigh …]


and now if you would like to find out more about jon and the themes of his books, please do read on:

  • the complete uncut live-stream
  • the unedited after-party/discussion
  • some stills from ruby’s set for our show [superb as always i have to say, although i wish we could have yet another world as a playable item on the laptop rather than just screenshots!]

  • shyla [co-producer] recommends this conversation between jon and patti smith!
  • since jon now lives and works close to where my heroes frank zappa and david foster wallace once roamed, i’d be amiss if i hadn’t researched a relevant fact: where did zappa live in ontario? answer below ….
>>>>> 625 N. Euclid Ave <<<<<
  • since i mentioned zappa [which i never do right?], did you guys know we once recorded a german version of montana? i transcribed everything and played bass on the recording:
  • jon’s depiction of “yet another world” in “chronic city” is so spot on. the debate about game vs world is of course one that every second life resident has at least once per day …. at the office perhaps?
  • i don’t watch a lot of movies but “motherless brooklyn” after jon’s book by the same name looks pretty darn good!
  • what is next at the book club? lots and we are looking forward to all of it however “afterland” just arrived in the mail and lauren wants five different avatars so … priorities are set!
  • what else is happening in second life? well …. glad you asked: titmouse animation studio is doing some wonderful events and a little profile of founder and boss chris prynoski is coming this week, from yours truly!

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