show #305: wendy, darling & the dark side of peter pan

show #305

a.c. wise has written a sequel of sorts to j.m. barrie’s “peter pan” and it dives deep into the darker side of, well: child’s play i guess? miss wise was kind enough to be as patient as a corgi [her avatar of choice] with us childish second lifers, vying for her attention and of course unconditional love. “wendy, darling” is ready for your preorder and the big question post show is of course = will wendy … oops sorry i meant alison … come back to neverland … oops i mean second life? …. will she?

where are you wendy?

enjoy a conversation about “hysterical” mothers and manipulative little kids with/without shadows:

now onto more audio/visual food for your peter pan related curiosity:

  • the original livestream of sl book club conversation:
  • the postgame hangout on island #2 [which now has a sandbox for your littering pleasure …]
  • a few slides expanding on the discussion of peter’s attitudes, barrie’s inspiration and a.c.’s work, made by shyla. some of those we glossed over in the conversational stream of things. check out the book smugglers and also important: the book “the yellow wallpaper” if folks are interested in a first-person account of the terrible practice of isolating/imprisoning women for extended periods of time in order to cure them from their “hysterical” notions …
  • a.c.’s “wendy, darling” is out there for preorder and maybe you even win a copy if you are fast on the draw?
  • and coming in october = another book by a.c. = horror looking shorties …yum yum …
  • i know people think that matt ruff is my favorite living american author but breaking news: matt has been replaced by jonathan lethem … sorry dude!

the drax files radio hour is a weekly production of draxtor … and media for all! 

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