show #299: simon the bot goes to hollywood!

show #299

simon stephenson was the very first author who contacted us at the sl book club and i was not aware of his work, shame on me. “set my heart to five” is such a wonderful and original take on the well-known “robot seeks feelings” genre …

jared wants to be reported should he get out of line …

well actually: i don’t think there is such a genre but we have seen variations of robot wants to be human, goes on soul-searching trip, gets hunted, gets disenfranchised, all the while a mirror is held up to us as humans and and and …. IN ANY EVENT = simon is ruling this fictitious genre and he will for some time, trust me. blade runner and pinocchio not withstanding …..

jared does not want to be a dentist forever ….

enjoy the conversation, read the book [watch the movie when it comes out] :

and now let’s dive in deeper with more linkage:

  • the original live streamed show:
  • the post-show in-world only hangout:
  • selected imagery from the show plus insight into ypsilanti mi’s famous landmark. read the book and you understand …. [more pics on the sl book club flickr group]
  • jared the bot did well during the live read but he did better in rehearsal talking the great zero-sum game
  • simon had a good time and we are so glad!
  • jared the bot moves to echo park [a now gentrified neighborhood where my wife lived in the early 90s] & in the novel jared’s girlfriend amber lives in a part of la called silverlake. i lived there in the late 90s. i wrote a song about pretentious trust fund dudes/dudettes, pretending to be highly intellectual artistés, waxing poetically about their brilliance while hanging at a place called cafe tropical [2 minute walking distance from my house!] >>> behold: “silverflake” …….
  • simon’s memoir is a powerful read >>> highly recommended [bummer with the weekly book show = I can’t always prep 2-3 books per author in advance arghhhhh #FirstWorldProblems ..]
  • what else is happening in sl? well the first 4k video = that is what:

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