show #296: the parliament crew rocks the house

show #296

the indie publisher the parliament house press bills itself via their website as a place where authors are helped to produce “brilliantly bizzare” stories and i have to agree after devouring 3 books from their vast catalogue. i had no idea what they were about, what style, genre, subject matter. and it felt incredibly good, just like browsing a good store or library and taking a certain amount of risk on titles, recommended by someone [in this case their pr department in full disclosure]. enjoy a panel, moderated by an omnivore [me] and featuring at least one vegan rock “monster” [sean!] ….


and now after you listened to the show and picked up some books from the parliament house press you are allowed to continue reading here and indulging in additional “content” as they say …

  • the post-show hangout q&a with in-world folks = super interesting questions came up:
  • in case you missed it: sean attended as the avatar of one of his characters, borgunder gunderborg, and, as it turns out, he has a love interest in sl … who … uhm … gets around … the island?
borgunda gunderborga is delighted by the attention silas merlin gives her?
  • borgunda … just can’t get over her ….
  • we did not get to it on the live show but a deep one read an excerpt of nicole willson’s “tidepool” to test the audio before the actual live stream … you may know this guy!
  • sean is supporting an important charity that i want to highlight here as well, since restorative justice is a topic near and dear to my heart [and jody armour from usc law school is coming on the book show soon to speak about the subject!] so please consider checking out “impact justice”:
  • what else is happening in sl? well … i have started writing my next feature length documentary and i am about to enter that world called animal crossing can you believe it … but before: more transcribing …

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