show #295: eliot peper ponders the big questions

show #295

eliot peper came to “town” [or the club?] to discuss his analog trilogy [bandwidth, borderless and breach]. in a bit over 60 minutes we of course could only scratch the surface of the intersection of big ideas in fiction and imagining them being applied to the “real world”. enjoy the conversation with this profilic and refreshingly independent author. incredibly inspiring to see someone with a public policy background in college using his expertise to weave grand ideas into good stories and who is apparently also a “tech whisperer” [expanding silicon valley minds, one google talk at at time!!]:

and now on for some more reading materials [but don’t forget to read eliot source material too!]

  • the original livestreamed show [please forgive the ocean wavey sound at the beginning … a mic went rogue!]
  • my preparation for this show [in addition to shyla‘s research] included lots of terribly hand-scribbled notes & screenshots of excerpts while i was reading. only got to maybe 1/3rd of them during the discussion ….
  • all the notes are still on the table at the club as are eliot’s books … who will clean up?
  • an inspiring look at eliot’s writing “cave” [which has a lot of nice natural light!!]
  • not sure if william gibson is still hanging out at the club, contemplating eliot’s ideas
  • there was a time once when the REAL william gibson frequented second life [courtesy of penguin who had a big place in-world] …
  • post-game hangout with eliot? super fun and needless to say: club analog is not going anywhere = you can visit it right now!
  • eliot’s take on big global issues [via his characters in a spec-fic context] reminds me so much of progressive wunderkind [who died way too young] michael brooks‘ focus on historicized international context and his often stated mantra: “be kind to individuals, be ruthless to systems”! please check out michael’s work folks. get his book “against the web“. he has inspired hundreds of thousands of young folks to go deep into the business of changing the future! link below a wonderful memorial program but there are tons of other videos out there:
  • thank you everyone who shared kind words in re my rez day. it has been 14 years. no end in sight! and that feels really good [i might actually learn how to build a chair out of prims at some point in the future …]

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