show #294: courttia newland enters the ark

show #294

courttia newland appeared on my radar via twitter recommendation and i could not believe that his ouevre [books, tv work, plays] had escaped me prior? maybe it was good to start with the super ambitious “a river called time” and then work backwards because sprawling, unapologetically non-compliant to genre expectations, epic, time/identiy/history challenging narrative is – as listeners know – totally my thing, so: enjoy a wideranging conversation and pick up that book!

and now for more context and possibly spoilers so please beware!

  • the original live stream from past wednesday:
  • postgame fun with the gang and courttia adding more food for thought:
  • i can not guarantee that we can keep this up but it was amazing how ruby and arietu were taking my superficial summary of “a river called time” and built a unique venue, interpreting the story ….
  • can we keep it up? venue building wise i mean … eliot peper is demanding we do!
  • courttia in his own words on his latest [as folks know i stay away from interviews/reviews prior to the show and let only the bare-bones biography & the work itself inform the rundown, alas shyla, who is know senior researcher for the book club has prepped a bunch of questions based on this and other avail material]:
  • “a river called time” offers an alternative timeline [which is printed at the beginning of the story in the book and it is going back millenia …] & the religion of kemitism plays a big factor as do other key differences to the time dimension we collectively inhabit in so-called “real” life … well, in any case, i was reading with wikipedia wide open!
from wikipedia: a kemitic altar, honoring toth
anubis, the god of death, plays a crucial role in “a river called time” & perhaps in sl too ….
  • courttia mentions at the top of the show the neighborhood of milton keynes, a planned community, which failed to deliver what it promised and for him was the inspiration for the ark in “a river called time” …
  • have an amazon prime subscription, live in the uk or have a good vpn that pretends you do? check out “small axe”, co-written by courttia and directed by steve mcqueen:
  • what else is happening in sl? glad you asked: pregnancy, that’s what! and before you roll your eyes, comment nasty remarks or @ me with “feedback”, why not watch the video first?
  • what is next on the book club? the parliament house is coming [and before that eliot peper!]

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