show #293: sharanya manivannan

show #293

a poet, a novelist, a short story writer, an author of so many wonderful words and sentences and paragraphs that become coherent in their chosen form, including children’s books and a newspaper column that unearths wisdom even in somewhat pedestrian topics such as road closures.

“the queen of jasmine country” read by a dinkie cat with wings

sharanya manivannan is on the show today and her language has allowed drax to immerse himself into centuries past but also feelings of loss and love that are very present, themes of feminism that are too, the immersion continuing, into cultures that are foreign to drax, but beckon to be explored, their colorful offerings put on display by sharanya to pick and choose: some of them evoking deep sadness, others deeper joy. enjoy & don’t forget to immerse yourself!

and now after listening it is context time:

  • the original live streamed show with sharanya
  • wonderful slides made by shyla:
  • great interview with sharanya about the connection of prose and poetry in her work:
  • is this the only video sharanya likes of her own reading?
  • set for the show built by ruby and arietu = and it is going nowhere so everyone can visit anytime [plus learn about indian mythology!]
  • what a succinct and much needed statement made by sharanya in re spirituality vs hateful deeds perpetuated under the pretense of religious beliefs ….
  • we could only scratch the surface in regards to the rich history of all those hindu gods mentioned in sharanya’s work, their relationship with us “earthlings”, their own writing contributions to culture and their shift in importance and focus over the centuries – like for example the legend of hanuman and his role as a symbol for strength today, the brutal indian caste system responsible for so much violence – but sharanya invites us to dig deeper via her selected bibliography at the end of “the queen of jasmine country”
  • what else is happening in sl? we are getting ambitious in re world-building … hope we can keep it up …

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